In my opinion Gran Canaria Island is the perfect travel direction. The climate is more or less the same during the whole year. So it is the closest place to the Northern Europe where you can actually swim in the Winter. The prices on the island are similar to the ones in southern Spain (which is way less than prices in Barcelona for example). And particularly Gran Canaria is quite authentic as here are less tourists than in neighboring Tenerife. Especially if we are talking about the North of the island.

So you can have a quite interesting vacation even talking about long-term. If you decide to stay on the North in Las Palmas (which I strictly recommend) than you gonna have it all: restaurants, fitness gyms, shop, architecture, yoga, beach tennis, beach volleyball and surf classes.

And yes, the island itself is very beautiful, I advise you ti rent a car for 1-2 days to visit the places in my list.

Rent a car in Gran Canaria

In the Canaries there are two local companies with inexpensive car rentals: Cicar and Cabrera Medina. A car (automatic) with full insurance cost us 30 euros per day. This despite the fact that the driver (me) was only 22 years old. Typically, companies ask to pay extra if you are under 25.

Top-9 places to visit in Gran Canaria

1. Las canteras beach

This is my favorite place on the island. Where I advise to stay during your vacation. An apartment on Airbnb a block from the beach cost us about 250 euros per week.

Las Canteras Beach with its promenade is the most beautiful place in Las Palmas. Imagine a long promenade, a beautiful beach with waves, cafes with ocean views. Where you will have a delicious breakfast with the best view.

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2. Las Palmas city center

It’s not very big but very nice city center with a colonial style architecture and authentic cafes . This pic is taken from that blog.

So it was about the city, now let’s travel around the island.

When we took the car to go around the island, I wrote out a list of the most interesting places from the Internet. In fact, it turned out that the views and places that we saw on the way to the places in the list turned out to be much cooler. I’ll say right away that the island of Gran Canaria is an amazing place. There is a volcano, black sand beaches, a beach with waves, sand dunes and mountains.

In this list I will try to indicate the best places on the island, but on the way to each of them you will groan and gasp and stop at numerous viewing platforms. Attention, the roads on the island are a picturesque but most of the time you will drive along single-lane serpentines.

3. Agaete Puerto De Las Nieves

Agaete is a small village with white houses. The village itself is not that interesting as its surroundings. Take a day-trip to El Risco waterfall, Charco Azul natural pool and El Risco black sand beach with amazing view.

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How to get to el risco waterfall

4. Natural Tamadaba Park

This is a nature reserve. Head from Agayeta to the Mirador Del Balcon. On the way there will be very beautiful views, serpentine and valleys.

5. Mirador del Balcon

This is a viewpoint made in the form of a balcony. It is located right on a cliff overlooking the ocean. There are several parking spaces near the balcony.

6. Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo — 80-meter rock of volcanic origin. It is also called “rock in the clouds.”

How to Get to Roque Nublo? – Everything is simple. Tap the Roque Nublo in the car navigator and it will lead you to the parking lot. After that, you need to walk 30 minutes (1.5 km) along the path.

7. La Ventana del Nublo

In my opinion this is the most beautiful place in mountains. The hole in the rock looks like a window through which Roque Nublo rock is visible.

How to Get to La Ventana del Nublo? You need to get to Los Llanos de la Pez (by car). This is a camping site, and from there there is a 3 km path in the forest to Ventana Del Nublo.

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8. Dunes of Maspalomas

If you want to admire the real sand dunes, but fly far to Africa, then you are in Maspalomas. The sand on the sand dunes of Maspalomas is brought directly from the Sahara. Since the island is located opposite the famous desert.

Thedunes are constantly in motion, depending on the wind and weather. So in different months, at different points in the park, there are more or less dunes. Climbing the dunes is a great adventure.

9. Caldera de Bandama

Caldera de Bandama is the crater of an ancient volcano. Its age is 5000 years. And this is the largest volcano on the island. You can go down to the crater, there are several hiking trails. Previously, grapes were grown directly in the crater, so when you walk you will see caves with storing grain and grapes.

You can see the Caldera Bandama from above, from the top of the Pico de Bandama. The municipality of Santa Brigida has developed a special walking route for tourists who want to get to know the crater closer.

How to get to Caldera de Bandama? It can be reached by bus. A bus number 311 runs from Las Palmas to the volcano. If you are traveling by car, you need to put in the navigator “Caldera de Bandama”, leave the car in the parking lot and follow the signs.

10. Puerto De Mogan

A picturesque Mediterranean-style town in the south of the island. You need to go here for half a day to wander through the narrow streets with bright houses buried in flowers, to sit in a restaurant overlooking the sea.

11. Teror

It’s a small authentic city hidden in the mountains.

12. Secret beach Playa de Gui-Gui

Gui-gui can really be called a secret beach. It is very beautiful, absolutely virgin and not spoiled by tourists. The beach is located in the southwest of the Gran-Canaria island between two mountains. 

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Gui-Gui beach

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