Gui-gui can really be called a secret beach. It is very beautiful, absolutely virgin and not spoiled by tourists. The beach is located in the southwest of the Gran-Canaria island between two mountains. 

It is so untouched by civilization that there is not only no infrastructure (only a hose with drinking water), but there is no even a telephone connection.

Gui-Gui beach

Therefore Gui-gui is popular among modern hippies. On the way, we met one long-haired guy with a camper’s backpack. He was going to spend 2 weeks on the beach with a tent, food supplies for 10 days and a fishing rod. Another guy came to the beach with a tent, a dog and a donkey, which carried the bales over a mountain pass. 

Locals usually go to Gui-gui for an overnight stay in Robinson style. On the first day you hike one-way, have a picnic, spend a night under the stars or in a tent and go back on the second day.

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How to get to the Playa de Gui-Gui?

The secrecy and untouchedness of the beach is its inaccessible. To get there, you need to overcome a mountain pass. Round trip hiking in total is 15 km. 2 hours one-way. An hour uphill and an hour downhill. It’s one of the most difficult hikes I’ve done in my life. This hiking is not suitable for small children.

Be sure to take plenty of water with you (the bottle can be filled with fresh water on the beach) and picnic food. Pack your clothes in case of heat and coolness, you never know what the weather will be in the mountains. And don’t even think about hiking in flip flops, some parts of the road are slippery, the ground crumbles, and you can fall.

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The trail to the beach starts from a road near the village of Tasartico.

Therefore, first you need to get to Tasartico. It is, of course, easier by car, but you can also come here by bus. Follow this link to check the bus routes on the island. 

After you got to Tasartico, you need to go towards the Playa del Asno beach. As soon as you hit the dirt road, start looking for the Gui-gui beach trail start sign. It will be on the right side of the road. You can park your car right on the side of the road. 

If you are not by car, then the sign can be reached on foot, it is 1 kilometer from Tasartico.

There starts the trail. There is an hour of ascent and an hour of descent ahead. Since the place is not super popular, the trail is not clearly visible at some points especially in the first half of the journey. One time we turned the wrong way on a pile of stones, and then we had to climb and crawl. If within 10 meters you do not see a clearly trodden path, then come back and look for it again. This hiking is not easy, but does not involve struggling.

After an hour of ascent, you find yourself at the top of the mountain. The view is stunning.

Now you need to go down. The path down looks easier and clearer, but don’t flatter yourself, your muscles will die. The views on this section of the route are much more beautiful, first you see the mountain ranges, then the palm grove.

On the way there will be a hut. They say that sometimes it works as a shop where you can buy some food, but when we were there, the hut was closed, but there are many well-groomed cats wandering around, who will brazenly demand to feed them.

The last section goes through the thickets of reeds.

And so, finally you get to the beach.

Attention, watch the tide carefully. By 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the water covers the entire sandy strip.

Oh yes, if you plan the 1 day trip, then you need to start as early as possible (we started at 8 am, and were at the beginning of the trail already at 9 am), so that later you would not have to walk along mountain trails in the dark.

There is also a second way to get to Gui-Gui. But it’s for cheaters. There are boat excursions to the beach from Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogan. Follow the link to see such a tour, along the way you can meet dolphins.

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Of course it’s nice to see the coast from the water, but, as for me, the romance of this beach is precisely in getting there.

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