La Ventana del Nublo is a very beautiful tourist attraction close to the famous viewpoint Pico de Las Nieves.

There are 2 ways to get there. And all of them by car.

Attention! Google location of la Ventana del Nublo is wrong!

First one is you need to get to Los Llanos de la Pez and park your car there. This is a camping site, and from there starts a 3 km path uphill through the forest to Mirador del Pico de Las Nieves and Ventana Del Nublo.

Second one and less walking one. Drive to the viewpoint – Mirador del Pico de Las Nieves. You can leave your car there. La Ventana del Nublo is only 15 minutes away walking. However the track is not that easy.

First head to the road looking towards the Roque Nublo.

Soon enough you will see a path a bit below the road. Follow it and then take the most visible path parking direction. Roque Nublo will be left on your right.

This trail will lead you to ice-cream shaped rock. It’s also called “Mister Mushroom”. La Ventana del Nublo is already visible on the right side of the Mushroom rock.

Keep on going down. You can’t confuse it. The rock is very big and has a big hole in the center looking just like window.

The photos you can do at the La Ventana Del Nublo overlooking Roque Nublo are worth the 15 minutes hike. But they are not easy to make, so better take a selfie stick with you.

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