Charco Azul is a natural pool that is situated just under the beautiful waterfall close to el Risco village in Gran Canaria. This experience is even more interesting as accompanied by a short hike.

Before we start our hike I need to warn you as while you can come and enjoy the natural pool at any day, the waterfall is seen only after a big long lasting rain. So if you have this rainy day on the north on the island, you can safely plan hiking to the waterfall.

How to get to Charco Azul in Gran Canaria?

The best way is to rent a car. In this article I am advising 2 local car rentals.

Charco Azul is located 1.6 km from the small village El Risco in the municipality of Agaete. So you need to head there.

  • If you start from Las Palmas (The North) then firstly you need to drive towards Agaete, pass it and head to village El Risko (western direction). One-way trio will last around 50 minutes.
  • If you start from Maspalomas (the South) then the drive will be a bit longer – one hour and a half. Take the Agaete direction and 14 kilometers before is located El Risco village. You may park your car at the area after the sign “barranco El Risco”.

How to get to Charco Azul by bus?

I have to warn you it is not an easy option. Firstly you need to take a Global Bus №105 from Las Palmas to Gáldar and then change to Global Bus №101 from Gáldar to El Risco. Ask the driver to stop in front of Bar Perdomo. There begins the trail to Charco Azul. The one-way bus trip will last around 2 hours, but can be longer considering the transfer time.

Charco Azul hike

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The hiking trail starts near the Bar Perdomo, but you will see plenty of signs leading to the trail. The short trail to Charco Azul is 1.6 km and takes around 40 minutes one-way.

The hike is easy enough even for the kids, but you will need to keep your eyes as sometimes it is not very visible because of the nature, but just keep straight.

Firstly you will enter the large open area full of massive stones. There you will notice a small natural pool. This is not the pool we need. So keep going.

The trail goes left and this is the tricky part as sometimes you will have to clamber up the rock outcrops, but it is not that difficult.

At soon enough you will see the target of your hike – natural pool Charco Azul. The water is very clean and cold. Some people try to dive or swim here and some continue to climb to the waterfall.

Photo by hdhotels.com

Check this youtube video to see the waterfall and natural pool at its best.

After this natural pool experience you may visit the El Risco beach. It’s a virgin black sand beach with amazing view. There is another parking near the sea.

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