Along the Las Canteras promenade you will find plenty of good restaurants with a great ocean view and tasty food. But I want to advise you my favorite places in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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Breakfast places in Las Palmas De Gran Canaria

1.Panaderia Del Real and Panaderia Granier

These are two separate bakeries with a common wall. Both have delicious coffee, rolls and desserts. And most importantly – the view. The tables are located right on the promenade with stunning views of the sandy beach and the ocean.

Location: Paseo las Canteras, 12

Breakfast place in Gran Canaria

2. Mad Bread

A tiny Stylish cafe with a few tables inside and few outside. Here they do a very good coffee. However the baking is not that tasty as in the previous places. For the breakfast they have a variety of crepes, waffles, sandwiches etc.

Location: Calle Gran Canaria, 14

3. Juicy avenue

This is a healthy food place. They have avocado toasts, different types of fresh juices, smoothies, pokes and bowls. My favorite one is an açaí smoothie.

Location: Calle Sagasta 46

Best places to eat in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria:

1. Ristorante Pizzería Al Maccaroni. 

The best Italian restaurant. But be ready to wait, as everything happens too slowly.

Location: Paseo las Canteras, 12.

2. El Tipico.

Here they cook a very tasty paella. There are great price offers during lunch. Although Paella in Gran Canaria is always delicious.

Location: Paseo las Canteras, 19.

3. Amigo Camillo

It is a super romantic place with a great ocean view and not expensive and tasty seafood.

Location: Calle Caleta 1

4. Madre del Amor Hermoso

Stylish restaurant with interior in a modern colonial style and local food. Absolute enjoyment!

Location: Paseo Las Canteras 25.

Best Ice cream in Gran Canaria

Heladeria Pena La Vieja

A shop with delicious Italian ice cream. Located right on the waterfront. On warm days, the line to the shop covers the entire promenade. Now the place became a chain and you may find this ice-cream in other shops and bakeries. But this one is the main one.

Location: 50, Paseo las Canteras, 48.

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