We are all always wondering where to take our tourist friends who came to our city for a couple of days! So I prepared for this summer and made my plan!

Walk around Old town and Art Nouveau quarter

Essentials! I think they have the free walking tours around both areas. Check HERE.

Have a coffee break at roof-top terrace at Pullman hotel

Super atmospheric place.

Visit 3 museums: House of Blackheads, KGB museum, Occupation museum.

In my opinion those are the most interesting and probably important museums in the city if you want to learn more about the history.

House of Blackheads is a museum from the times when Riga was a merchant’s city before the revolution.

KGB museum and Occupation museum illustrate the history of XX century.

Ride the only tricycles in Europe

Totally made in Latvia entertainment. It’s like the car racing, but on a 3 wheeled bicycle with a drift effect.

Walk around the bogs in Kemeri

I think it’s a very unique Latvian thing to do. We don’t have huge mountain to hike, but we have the bog trails.

Meet sunset at beach cafe in Jurmala

Cause Jurmala has the best sunsets in the world.

Have a one day trip to Rundale Pils

In my opinion it’s the most magnificent architectural object of the period when Latvia was the part or Russian empire.

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Try Riga Balzam at Black magic bar

All tourists in Latvia should at least try the famous alcohol beverage!

Have a lunch at Burzma

Personally I wasn’t crazy about the food very much. But it’s a very atmospheric buffet-bar with a huge terrace overlooking streets of the Old Town.

Try every day Latvian cuisine at Lido.

I think it’s classical!

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