In every city you should have a place to come for a coffee and a dessert. I have as many as 5 such places in Riga and one tiny dessert place in Jurmala.

Of course there are much more coffee places in Jurmala, but all of them I already mentioned in my article: Where to eat in Jurmala? Where you can find all the recommendations about breakfast places, cheap cafes and lux restaurants in Jurmala.

But as we are talking about desserts I couldn’t skip this place.

Kalnakrastu Rausu Fabrika. This is just the best confectionery and bakery of Jurmala. It’s located in Lielupe opposite the Trio cafe at Vienības Prospekts 35. Here they have only 3 tables inside and 3 outside. And it’s always crowded, as the place is quite famous for its freshest pastries and breathtaking cakes.

Top-5 coffee and dessert places in Riga

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1. Arbooz

Adress: Dzirnavu iela 34А
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-19:00, Saturday 11:00-18:00
The place is strictly forbidden for those on a diet. Macaroni, cupcakes and eclairs are not just desserts here, they will become the main characters of your sweet romance. The site of the pastry shop even has a schedule for when which dessert will be prepared. And hurry up, for the dessert of the day there is often a queue.

Follow the link for the cafe’s website.

Кофе и десерты в риге

2. Kafe’teeka Parunasim

Адрес: Mazā Pils iela 4
Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday 11:00-22:00, Thursday – Saturday 11:00-23:00, Sunday 11:00-21:00
The most romantic cafe in the city. In my opinion this is the must-visit place for all the tourists in Riga. I promise incredible cozy atmosphere and wonderful desserts.

Follow the link to see the cafe Fb page.

3. Apsara Tea House

Адрес: Krišjāņa Barona iela 2A
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-22:00, Saturday-Sunday 11:00-22:00
Tea house with very relaxed atmosphere. You sit just like at home with your feet on a pillow, a thermos with tea on a tray, and a park outside the window as a bonus.

Follow the link for the tea house website, if you need more information.

4. Hartvik

Adress: Brīvības gatve 216
Working hours: Monday-Satturday 8:00-19:00, Sunday 8:00-17:00
Cafe – confectionery – cooking. Here is the most delicious honey cake in Riga, but other cakes are also good.

Follow this link to get to the cafe facebook page.

5. Cofyz

Adress: Krišjāņa Barona iela 28
Opening hours: 7:30-21:00 Monday – Friday, 09:00-21:00 on Saturday and 09:00-20:00 on Sunday.
Nice and various coffee menu. It has very good coffee and inexpensive fresh juices, but I don’t really like the desserts. Another bonus here is an app with online ordering. You download the application and order all the drinks online, which is very convenient. No need to stand in a queue. Although, if you wish, you can pay and order at the bar.

Follow this link to download the app.

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