Latvian cuisine is extremely plain and very unique at the same time. Some of the dishes even that served in the restaurants can be homemade as, for example, fried potatoes, which is not the same as french fries or chips, but true potato slices fried on the pan in oil. And some dishes can contain an amazing mix of products like venison meat with wild berries. I will recommend two amazing restaurants in Riga that serve Latvian food high-quality class and a popular chain of dinings where you can try the homemade Latvian food.

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Valtera restaurant

In the restaurant, they serve “high Latvian cuisine”. It is not a very traditional one but still very authentical and definitely must-try in Latvia. I would call it “modern Latvian food”. The menu is based only on Latvian rural products and supplied by local farms. Every season they change the menu according to seasonal products, in total there are few items for each course, but all of them taste fantastic. The plain and bright interior of the place brings you to the true Latvian countryside. In my opinion, Valtera is the best place to try Latvian food in Riga.

Latvian food


Here you can taste a very traditional Baltic cuisine like Latvian traditional grey peas or beetroot soup with a very stylish serving. Many items on the menu are not Latvian meals. For example cepelinai (potatoes dumplings) is a Lithuanian meal. So if you want to try exactly Latvian cuisine ask the waiter for advice.

Latvian food


Lido is a chain of cafes in Riga. So you can mee the Lido restaurant quite often in the city. Lido is basically dining. You take a trail, take the food, pay and take a table. The meals are extremely plain and big. I would call it every day Latvian cuisine. This is what local people eat every day and cook at home.

Latvian food

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