For lovers of sushi, gunkans, ramen and sashimi. These Japanese restaurants in Jurmala and Riga are the best.

Check the links to see all selections of restaurants and coffee places in Riga and Jurmala:

1. Ganbei

Japanese restaurant chain. The prices here are quite affordable. And there are even business lunches. The food is delicious, but if you just want to really enjoy the fish, then go to the next restaurant in my list.

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2.The Catch

Having traveled to Japan, I was sure that nowhere else I would try same sushi. But here it happened! This is my favorite restaurant in Riga. The fish is excellent here. I especially recommend poke with salmon and bluefin tuna for a snack. Tables must be booked in advance.

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Address: Antonijas iela 12

3. Unagi Inu

A trendy place in Riga’s gastro-quarter. Japanese bistro with original dishes and fresh fish. It is worth noting that the tastes here are much more complex than in Japan, but still very tasty. I especially love Bao, temaki and mochi.

Address: Jeruzalemes iela 10

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4. Yakuza

Cozy Asian cuisine restaurants.

Address: Elizabetes iela 10; Biķernieku iela 141

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5. Sushiclub.lv

The chain mainly specializes in delivery. The sushiclub has a big plus – it’s reasonable prices with good quality and a large size of rolls. One of the cafes is located right on the sports ground on Krišjāņa Barona iela. Very convenient: you did sports and enjoy sushi next.

Address: Krišjāņa Barona iela 116A;

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6. RestBar MO – in Jurmala

The most delicious sushi in Jurmala. Prices are higher than in other sushi bars, but sushi are awesome I also often order ramen there. It tastes like the one I tried in Tokyo.

Address: Viestura iela 31.

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