Hope you already read my weekend guide in Barcelona. Well, in this article – an extended list of interesting places and cafes in Barca and the surrounding area. In case you have more time in this city.

Where to eat in Barcelona:

Recommended by locals:

P.S.: The most important thing that every Local repeated: do not eat on the Rambla! And personal advice from me – try the dessert Crema Catalana.

Special offers:

MUERDE LA PASTA. Here every only Sunday you can eat all-inclusive dinner (pizza) for 4,95 euro.

HERA SUSHI (Cornellà) here during weekdays you can eat all-inclusive lunch for 9,90 euro.

Roof-top bars with a beautiful view:
Ayre Hotel Rosellon’s rooftop terrace


  • Casa Battlo. The house, designed and built by the most interesting modernist architect – Antonio Gaudi. At the entrance, visitors are given a special Smart Guide – a smartphone with a camera. When you point the camera at anything in the house, the screen shows how this place looked in the past. The interiors are more than unique. Admission is 25 euros.
  • Casa Vicens. The very first house of Gaudi. Very bright interiors. Admission is 16 euros.
  • Oceanarium. They say that the aquarium in Barcelona is even cooler than in Singapore. Adult ticket – 21 euros. Children – 16 euros.
  • Museum of Science and Space. Another great place for children’s activities. Admission is 6 euros.
  • Sagrada Familia. The main symbol of Barcelona and the most famous unfinished building in Europe. I personally like the cathedral outside. It is especially interesting to notice the differences between the construction of Gaudi and the new building. In the Gaudi part, the birds are as if alive. The admission is 25 euros.
what to do in Barcelona
Casa Vicens

Free walking tours:

I highly recommend going on the Free walking tour. These are free tours in Barcelona. There are such excursions on various topics and in different parts of the city. They are led by professional guides – graduates of historical faculties. I went on 2 excursions with Barkeno tours. I liked it very much! But if you google Free Walking Tour Barcelona, you can find other tours and companies.

View places:

  • Montserrat Monastery. The most unusual mountain views in my life. Take some time to compare the mountains of Montserrat and the buildings of Gaudi in Barca. Train tickets to get there and back – 23 euros. The entrance is free.
  • Tibidabo. The most popular Barcelona viewpoint.
  • Park Guell. Unsuccessful Gaudi project. He wanted to build an elite area on the outskirts of the city. But nobody wanted to live there. Therefore, the construction stopped with the park. Admission is 10 euros.
  • Bunker El Carmel. This observation deck can be seen in the movie “Three meters above the sky.”

Instagram places in Barcelona

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Before the trip. Films and books about Barcelona:

  • “Vicky Cristina Barcelona.” The film miraculously shows the atmosphere and energy of the city streets. It is very light and full of the symbol. All in the spirit of Woody Allen. And there Penelope Cruz plays.
  • Three Steps Above Heaven“. The film romanticizes the city. I would like to come to Barca, once again live school days and fall in love.
  • “Perfumer”. The novel is about France. But in the film is shown the whole Gothic quarter of Barca in all its terrible beauty.
  • From books. I would recommend reading Arthur Perez-Reverte. For example, “Club Dumas or the shadow of Richelieu.” Or the Flanders panel. Great Spanish novels for a vacation in Spain.

Where to stay in Barcelona? Hotel vs apartment.

I have been to Barcelona for 4 times. Two times we lived in hostels and two times rented an apartment or a room. At the same price, the standard of living in the apartment was much better. So feel free to book your Airbnb. But don’t hesitate to try your luck and look for a good hotel HERE.


Barcelona is not a uniquely interesting place in Spain. For me, the trip to the island of Lanzarote was like a travel to the moon. Read the article about One day in Lanzarote.

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