When travelling to each place you always want to make good photos and yes, post them on Instagram. The difference between the normal tourist photo Instagram photo is that if you want to post a photo on Instagram it has to not only transfer the information I’ve visited this place but also be very unique and beautiful. Barcelona is a very popular destination, therefore all the Instagram places are already discovered – here you are! Be prepared before your trip to Barcelona and check the best locations to take the best photo in Barcelona.

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The park near Sagrada Familia (the main attraction of the city).

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona - by Julia Chubarova
Что посмотреть в Барселоне by Юлия Чубарова

Promenade and beach.

Here you can make an eternal quantity of different photos. Definitely one of the best places to take a photo in Barcelona.

The wall “Barcelona Beso”.

instagram places Barcelona by Julia Chubarova
2 дня в Барселоне by Юлия Чубарова

Casa Vicens.

The first house of Gaudi and in my opinion – the most instagrammable one.

Barcelona Cathedral. View from Hotel Colon Terrase.

To enter this terrace you don’t need to live in a hotel. But as the place is very popular, sometimes you won’t be able to get there. Too crowdy. So it’s better to come here in the morning. It’s a bar, so order a cocktail and chill a bit here.

El Pont del Bisbe

Must-do photo in Barcelona. Gothic quartal is the most mysterious place in Barcelona. So we really enjoyed the walk to the Bishop’s Bridge. And at the end the photo is great.

what to do in Barcelona

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