Yes, there are no mountains in Latvia and it rarely snows. But there are also several ski slopes where you can go skiing, snowboarding and sledging.

Watch the live broadcast from the slopes and information on the readiness of all the slopes on the website at slalom.lv.

1.Riekstukalns – the most popular skiing spot. Located in Baldone. There are more than 12 different ski, snowboard and toboggan runs. Website link.

2. Zagarkalns – It is located in Cesis, on the banks of the Gauja River. There are fewer trails (only 10), but they are longer. The longest is 240 meters. Snowboard park, school track with gentle slope. There is also a ski school here. Website link.

3Gaizinkalns – the highest peak in Latvia is 311.5 meters above sea level, located near Madona. There are 3 downhill skiing trails. The longest track is 360 meters. There is also a cross-country ski and toboggan run. Website link.

4. Ozolkalns – there are 5 ski slopes. The longest is 500 meters with a vertical drop of 80 meters. Located in Cesis. There is a separate track for children. Website link.

5. Siguldas pilsetas trase in Sigulda. There are 2 slopes 350 and 200 meters with a height of 90 meters. There is a park for beginners and children, with a gentle slope and a rope lift. Website link.

6. Kamparkalns – it is an active recreation center 5 km from Talsi. There are 2 ski slopes 260 and 350 meters long, 57 and 25 meters high. There is also an 80 meter long track for children.Website link.

7. Lemberga hute – an artificial 50-meter mountain in Ventspils with a 180-meter track, a snowboard park, a children’s slide and a toboggan run. Website link.

8. Milzkalns. There are 11 ski slopes. The maximum length is 320 meters, a snowboard park, a children’s track, a toboggan track and a ski jump track. Website link.

9. Eglukalns – a well-equipped ski center at an altitude of 220 meters above sea level near Daugavpils. There are 3 tracks: black, blue and red with a total length of 690 meters, as well as a family track and a snow tubing track. Website link.

10. Reina Trase in Sigulda. Here you will find 2 tracks: the main one and for beginners, a snowboard park and a children’s park. Website link.

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