So, you have come to the most beautiful city in the world – St. Petersburg. You have already explored the best of the city. So it’s time to move on and visit other beautiful places nearby.

This is the list with the most interesting directions in the surroundings of Saint-Petersburg, that you can visit in a one-day trip.

1. Peterhof – the Russian Versailles

Peterhof is often compared to Versailles, in the likeness of which it was built. But in fact, Versailles simply hamsters the French croissants aside, because the beauty of Peterhof is incomparable with any imperial residence.

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2. Tsarskoe selo state museum in Pushkin

Pushkin with its Tsarskoye Selo state museum (which translates as Royal village) is the second most popular tourist destination in St. Petersburg, after Peterhof.

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3. The Pavlovsk state museum

Pavlovsk is located within walking distance of Pushkin. Thus we have 3 imperial residences within a radius of 6 km. Therefore, in theory, they can be combined in one trip. But this is very “in theory” since, in reality, you need to come to Pavlovsk separately to walk in the park. The most popular entertainment for Pavlovsk visitors is feeding local squirrels with nuts. You can bring nuts with you or buy them at the railway station.

What to visit in Pavlovsk?

  • Pavlovsk Palace
  • The giant park with its pavillons, monuments, and hidden places.

How to get to there from St. Petersburg?

Pavlovsk is located 35 km away from St. Petersburg. So it will take you appr 1 hour to get there.

  • The fastest way to get to Pavlovsk from St. Petersburg is by train. All trains that depart from Vitebskiy Railway Station go and stop in Pavlovsk. The interval of trains is 15-20 minutes. Travel time will take approximately 30 minutes.
  • The second way is a minibus. You get to the Moscovskaya metro station and take one of the following minibuses: K299 and K545. Travel time is 40-60 minutes.

Across the road from the Pavlovsky railway station is the main entrance to the Pavlovsky park.

Official website link.

4. Gatchina Palace and estate museum

Gatchina is the most mystical and romantic suburb of St. Petersburg. There are many legends and secrets associated with the Gatchina Palace. In this regard, it is in Gatchina that one of the largest programs for children: various thematic excursions, quests, and games.

What to visit in Gatchina?

  • Gatchina Palace
  • Gatchina Park
  • Priory Palace

How to get to there from St. Petersburg?

Gatchina is located 45 km away from St. Petersburg. So it will take you a bit more than 1 hour to get there.

  1. Train from Baltiysky railway station (metro Baltiyskaya) to Gatchina-Baltiyskaya railway station. Trains leave every hour. Then walk for 10 minutes.
  2. Bus № 431 and minibuses К-18, К-18а from Moskovskaya metro station.

Official website link.

5. Oranienbaum

Oranienbaum is the 2nd name of the city of Lomonosov. The palace complex is known for its two owners: Alexander Menshikov and Peter III. This is the only palace complex that has escaped destruction during the war. All its structures are genuine. And in Oranienbaum there is a glassy room, which is not inferior in beauty to the famous amber room in Pushkin.

What to visit in Oranienbaum?

  • Palace of Peter III
  • Chinese Palace
  • Oranienbaum Park
  • Grand Menshikov Palace

How to get to there from St. Petersburg?

It will take you 60-90 minutes to get from St. Petersburg to Lomonosov.

  • Minibus: K-401A. From Avtovo metro station to Bus stop Troitskaya Sloboda in Lomonosov
  • Train From Baltiysky Railway station to Oranienbaum-1 station (city of Lomonosov) then walk 15 minutes to the Park along Dvortsoviy Ave.

Official website link.

6. Kronshtadt

The city of Kronstadt is located on the island of Kotlin in the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea. A few years ago, getting to the island was possible only by ferry. But in 2011 a dam was opened, and from the forgotten city, Kronstadt turned into a place that attracted thousands of tourists.

This is a truly unique place. Only in Kronstadt, anyone can understand with a good example of what fortifications are and how the city of Saint-Petersburg was protected from the water.

What to visit in Kronshtadt?

I would divide the inspection of Kronstadt into two parts: the city and forts.

The forts of Kronstadt:

To visit the forts you have to take a boat tour. So go to Winter Embankment. During the navigation period there are boats and motor ships offering tours of the forts. The price depends on the duration of the excursion and on whether the landing on one of the forts is planned. But the approximate price is 600 rubles (8 euros).

The most famous forts of Kronstadt:

  • Fort Grand Duke Constantine
  • Fort Emperor Peter I
  • Kronshlot Fort
  • Fort Alexander

How to get to there from St. Petersburg?

You can get to Kronstadt from St. Petersburg by bus, minibus and as part of a tour.

  • The bus to Kronstadt leaves from the metro station “Staraya Derevnya”. You need bus number 101. Travel time is about an hour.
  • Minibuses go from Prospect Prosvescheniya metro station (minibus N 407) and Chernaya Rechka (minibus N 405). On the windshield will be written “Kronstadt”.

Organized tours to Kronstadt is also one of the options. The guided tour is around 5 hours long and you go both ways by speed boat. This company organizes such tours. It costs 40 euros per person.

7. Ruskeala mountain park

Ruskeala Mountain park is one of the most popular destinations for national tourism close to Saint-Petersburg and definitely the must-visit location in Karelia region.

I would call this region “Russian Lapland” but cheap and less touristic. Ruskeala Mountain Park is the best choice as a one-day trip to Karelian as you can get there by public transport quite easily.

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