Saint-Petersburg is becoming more and more popular destination among the European tourists. Some of you want to visit something more than Hermitage, so I created the list of 12 must-visit museums of the city.

And for those who is first time in Saint-Petersburg I made this guide around the most beautiful and authentic locations of the city. – Top-16 things to do in Saint-Petersburg in one weekend

1. Yusupov Palace

Yusupov family was one of the richest and noble families in Russia. Their palace in Saint-Petersburg will shock you with amazing interiors. That’s why I recommend everyone to visit this museum. Besides they have very interesting guided tours around the palace state rooms, private chambers, the boudoirs and secrets passes.

Museum website

2. State memorial museum of Alexander Suvorov

The exposition of this museum is dedicated to the life of the great Russian commander – Alexander Suvorov.

Museum website

3. Sergey Kirov memorial flat

The twelve-room apartment memorial flat of the Leningrad Communist Party Leader with the preserved interior and collection of Kirov’s belongings gives insight into the life of the political elite of Leningrad of the 1930s. Also, excursion concerns the very period after the Russian revolution and explains the reality of life in a communal apartment.

The Kirov Museum-Apartment is a kind of monument to Soviet life. Here you will learn how the apartments were packed and how people lived in the pre-war period.

The museum website link is here.

4. Russian museum – the main building

The State Russian Museum is the world’s largest museum of Russian art. The collection of the museum is located in 6 buildings: the Stroganov Palace, the Mikhailovsky Castle, the Summer Palace of Peter I, the House of Peter I, the Marble Palace, and the main building – the Mikhailovsky Palace.

Follow the link to get to the official website.

5. The cabin of Peter the Great

The Cabin of Peter the Great is a house where lived the first Russian emperor during the foundations of Saint-Petersburg. The house is a part of Russian museums collection, you can see further information following the link.

6. Faberge Museum

Carl Faberge was a famous jeweler. Among his clients were almost all the royal families of Europe. The museum contains a unique collection of works by Faberge, which was sought and collected all over the world, the most famous works, of course, are Easter eggs – gifts from the jeweler to the Romanov family.

The Faberge Museum is located in the Shuvalov Palace – in an old mansion on the Fontanka. Follow this link to get to the official website.

7. Erarta

Erarta is a gallery of contemporary art. The museum is an art space with exhibitions of works by contemporary artists. It also often hosts various lectures with famous photographers, writers and other artists. The museums website contains guides of what to see in 1, 2 and 3 hours.

8. Polar museum

This museum has very interesting excursions about the exploration of the South and North Poles.

Follow this link to get to the official website

9. State Memorial Museum of Leningrad Defense and Blockade

The museum is dedicated to the most terrible period in the history of the city – the blockade. This is perhaps one of the most important museums to visit in St. Petersburg.

10. The museum of political history of Russia

This is the most interesting historical museum that I have visited. The museum itself is located in the mansion of the ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya. There are several expositions dedicated to various historical epochs of Russia. Guided tours are organized for each exposition. It is especially interesting to hear about the revolution and the first years of the USSR.

Follow this link to get to the official museum website.

11. Lenin’s Tent Museum

The Lenin Shalash Museum is located in Sestroretsk. The museums exposition is dedicated to the events of the summer of 1917, when Lenin and Zinoviev were hiding from arrest. From here they went to Finland, then returned to Petrograd and organized a revolution.

12. Grand Maket Russia

This is your unique way to travel all over Russia at once. You will see the miniatures of the cities, landmarks, transport, and even people.

  • Museum works daily 10am-8pm.
  • Follow this link to get to the museum official website.
  • The tickets price is 580 rubles for adults and 360 rubles for children.

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