When you travel to Saint-Petersburg and want to experience something more than a cliche tourist program than you need to attend one of the following tours. The first two are especially cool.

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1. Sup-board tour around city-center

As Saint-Petersburg is also known as a northern Venice, during the summer season riverboat tours are the most popular attractions, being the best way to discover the city from a different angle. However, SUP-surf tours in Saint-Petersburg are even more fascinating. The tour link is here.

2. Rooftop experience in Saint-Petersburg

I sincerely believe that Saint-Petersburg is the most beautiful city in the world. And excursions around the roofs of the city center just a perfect way to get even more spectacular views. The exciting part of these tours is that they are not always legal, so the guide will quietly lead you to the rooftop through the front door, passing apartments where people actually live. The tour link is here.

10 most interesting excursions in Saint-Petersburg
3. The assassination of Grigory Rasputin tour in Yusupov Palace

The tour starts by passing around the staterooms and living quarters of the Palace. Which gives an impression and spirit of the 19th century. In my opinion, the Yusupov Palace is the most beautiful palace in the city. Then you will proceed to the basement where the assassination of Grigory Rasputin took place. You will go back in time to the beginning of the 20th century and learn the details of the 1916 mysterious crime. The tour link is here.

4.Excursion “Life of Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov” at the state memorial museum of Alexander Suvorov

The tour tells the visitor many amazing things about the great Russian commander, his family, and descendants. Also, the story contains many details of the historical period, starting with the domestic policy of different tsars following by the reasons for successful wars. I highly recommend this one, if you are interested in history. The tour link is here.

5. Excursion at Sergey Kirov memorial flat.

The twelve-room apartment memorial flat of the Leningrad Communist Party Leader with the preserved interior and collection of Kirov’s belongings gives insight into the life of the political elite of Leningrad of the 1930s. Also, excursion concerns the very period after the Russian revolution and explains the reality of life in a communal apartment. The tour link is here.

6. Alexandrinsky theater backstage tour

This tour is very unique as it’s not a regular excursion, so you have to call the theatre or excursion agencies to book it. However, the tour is quite interesting. You will learn the theatrical traditions of different ages together with the whole process of performance preparations nowadays. You will see the backstages and few hidden places in the theatre.

7. Peterhof museums  – Bathhouse block.

I absolutely recommend you to visit Peterhof and not be limited by the main palace excursion. There are so many other amazing tours. However, my favorite is the tour around the Bathhouse block. The tour link is here.

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8. Three world religions tour at Museum of history of religion

If you want to know basic information about world religions in a simple way in a few hours – taking this tour is the best option. The tour link is here.

9. Lectures (not excursions) At the State Hermitage museum

Lectures take place every Friday at 19:00. These lectures are about art, culture, and history. If you wanna learn more in this area the State Hermitage Museum is the best place. The lectorium link is here.

10. Tour around Alexander Palace in Pushkin

Pushkin is a very known place by the great Catherine Palace. However, just 10 minutes walking from it is situated one more Palace, that only a few tourists know about. Alexander’s palace is a unique place to learn about the Tsar family of Nikolay II. As it was The Home of the Last Tsar. You will see the interiors at the beginning of the XX century. The museum link is here.

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