Peterhof is often compared to Versailles, in the copy of which it was built. And I would say that the copy just smashes the original.

The historical area of Peterhof is giant and requires at least couple of days to see it all, but since it’s a one-day trip guide I will mention only the must-visit places of Peterhof.

How to get to Peterhof?

There are 2 most comfortable ways (I won’t tell you about the train, as the train stop is very far from the palace.

Meteor. This is the fastest and most beautiful way to get to Peterhof from the city center. A meteor is a speedboat. Meteors depart from the pier near the Winter Palace and go directly to the pier in the Peterhof Park. One way drive takes 40 minutes and costs 950 rubles per person.

Metro + minibus or bus. This is the cheapest way. It will take a little over an hour. By the metro, you need to get to Avtovo station. Cross the road and take the minibus labeled “fountains” (in Russian its “ФОНТАНЫ”). On the way, you will pass the Konstantinovsky Palace, Peter I’s Palace in Strelna, Alexandria. You have to ask the driver of the minibus to stop after passing the Grand Peterhof Palace. The whole one-way trip will cost around 150 rubles.

4 must-visit places in Peterhof

If you have only one day to visit this magnificent place than I advise you to focus on the main museums and then just have stroll around the park enjoying sea-view and fountains.

How much cost are museums in Peterhof?

All the museums and palaces are situated in the Lower park. So firstly you need to pay for the entrance to the park. And then at the entrance of each museum there is a separate ticket kiosk. Check the prices and opening time on the Peterhof website.

1. Grand Peterhof Palace

It’s the very first place you need to visit when in Peterhof. Grand Peterhof palace is amazing both from outside and inside. I definitely advice you to take a guided tour around the palace interiors as its history is very fascinating and guides are very professional.

2. Grottoes of the Grand Cascade

It’s another fascinating tour you may take inside the Grand Peterhof Palace. The grottoes are situated inside the Peterhof Grand cascade (you may see them on the photo above). It was built as a resting place. On the tour around the grottoes you will know how work the fountains and how was organized the social country life.

3. Monplaisir

“Monplaisir” means “my pleasure“ in French. This is a small separate palace with a cute garden located on the shore of the gulf of Finland.

The building is divided into 3 museums: the main building of Monplaisir palace, Catherine Block and Bathhouse Block.

I highly recommend you to take tours around Monplaisir where you may enjoy the same views and interiors as Peter the Great did and the Bathhouse block where you will learn about household and sanitary manners in the 18-19 century.

4. Lower Park and fountains

The Lower park with fountains are a separate attraction of Peterhof. The whole beautiful ensemble of the Peterhof residence ends with an infinity sea. Also, the fountains of Peterhof work all day long so you can be very relaxed to see them all.

That’s all. I hope you will enjoy your one-day trip to Peterhof! If you’re up to see more places around the palace, than read my next article: Top-7 most interesting places in Peterhof.

What to do in Peterhof in the winter?

Of course, if there is an opportunity, then it’s better to visit Peterhof during the summer period. Only in the summer, it is possible to evaluate the park ensemble properly: fountains start to operate in the middle of May.

But if you are here in winter there is still a reason to visit Peterhof. You will be able to see the park, usually full of tourists, in complete silence, without queues and almost alone. It’s like wandering around the theater not during performances. Yes, you will not enjoy the show, but there is a different interest in such a visit.

Check the entire list of museums of Peterhof here.

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