Secret Natural Pool in Saint Barth is one of those places that are hidden from any tourist flows. You will be there alone with nature. But first, you have to find out how to get to the Grand Fond Natural Pool? Luckily you have me. I spend around 2 days asking people for the directions to the Natural Pool and finally got it. Be ready to climb the hills!

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  • Choose the sports shoes on the path to the Pool;
  • Prepare flipflops or diving socks to walk in the water of the Pool as there are many seas urchins.
saint Barth natural pool

What is a Natural Pool and why you have to visit it?

The natural pool is a part of the sea or ocean that is separated from the rough sea by formations of rocks. So basically you can swim in this pool being a few meters away from the giant waves. Some of the pools can be dangerous. But not this one, as in St. Barths’ Natural Pool the water is knee-deep.

How to get to the Secret Natural Pool in Saint Barth?

It is called “secret” as you won’t find information about the Pool in any tourist guides but mine.

1.Get to the Grand Fond beach. This is a very rough beach. Maybe that is why nobody comes there as you there are so many great white sand beaches in St. Barth. But you here not to swimming.

At the very beginning of the beach, you will see small parking.

2. Just a few meters away from the parking you will see the path towards the beach. Follow it.

3. Entering the beach turn right and walk till the big rocks.

There you will see a small path right on the stones. This is where the trail to the Natural Pool begins.

4. Follow the trail and walk for 15-20 minutes. On the left, you will see amazing sea views. On the right – the mountains. Here you can meet mountain goats.

5. The path ends with a sharp downhill. Be ready to climb (this is why you have to wear sports shoes). It is hard but worth it.

Below you will see two natural pools with fantastic views. Enjoy.

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