Frankly, I liked the town very much. So much so that one day I dream to come here for a month, stay in an apartment with a terrace, study at a Spanish school and walk along the historical streets. The city is clean, tidy and comfortable. And local bars…omg I would live there!

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But if you have only 1 day to explore Palma, then here are the top 7-locations that you need to visit. Some of them I found accidentally walking around the city.

1. Catedral de Mallorca

The main temple of the Balearic Islands and the hallmark of Mallorca. Its construction began in 1229 at the direction of Jaime I, King of Aragon, and was completed only in 1601. The cathedral was built in the Levantine Gothic style, but its building also bears traces of later architectural influences – the Renaissance, Mannerism and Baroque. Antonio Gaudi also took part in the restoration of the cathedral.

2. Paseo de Born

The liveliest and most atmospheric street of the city with its historical storefronts, restaurant terraces and shops.

3. Arab Baths

The Arab baths are one of the most ancient historical monuments in Palma. According to experts, the baths were built in the period of 10-11 centuries.

It is one of the few examples of Muslim architecture on the island and a memory of the Arab period in Spain. That is why I included baths in the list.

Address: Carrer de Can Serra, 7

4. Forn des Teatre

This is possibly the most beautiful showcase in the city. Historically, the building belonged to the theatre. Today, there is a mega atmospheric confectionery inside, where you can try the famous ensamaida pastries.

5. Can Forteza Rey

A piece of Barcelona in Mallorca. At first I even thought that there were Gaudi houses on the island that I didn’t know about. It turned out that the house was built not by the architect himself, but by his student.

Can Forteza Rey residential building was built in 1909 in the modernist style. The author and owner of the project was Luis Forteza Rey.

Today there is a cute coffee shop on the first floor of the house.

6. Can Balaguer – La casa Possible

La Casa Possible is a permanent exhibition at the Can Balaguer exhibition center, located in a historic building in the city center. The exposition is free and demonstrates the conditions of life “in a possible house” in Mallorca in different time periods.

Address: Carrer de la Unio, 3

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