Mallorca has become one of my favorite places in Spain. It has everything: cities with charming streets and atmospherical bars, picturesque beaches with soft sand and turquoise water, mountains with untouched nature, hiking trails leading to secret beaches, coves and beautiful views.

I advise you to come to Mallorca in autumn, in October. The water in the sea is still warm, and there are less tourists. You can feel like a full-fledged local resident and experience the whole atmosphere of the island.

How to travel around Mallorca?

There is a quite comfortable public transport system between the cities. Therefore, if, for example, you are staying in Palma and want to drive to Soller for the day, then you can just take the bus. Here is a link where you can check the bus timetable

But if you want to drive around the island and stop in different beautiful places, then take the car. Rental prices are very affordable here.

1. Palma

Palma de Mallorca is the capital and largest city of the island. I really enjoyed wandering around the city, sitting in its bars. There is a special atmosphere in Palma, built by local residents among the crowds of tourists. One of my friends went to Mallorca to a Spanish language school, spent a week in Palma, renting a room from a nice English pensioner and enjoyed it 100%. But if you want a beach holiday, then of course choose other locations with family hotels, but spend at least 1 day in Palma.

1 день в Пальма де Майорка

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2. Serra-de-Tramuntana

A mountain range with amazing views and one of the most beautiful roads I have driven. It is along this road that you need to go to Sa Calobra beach.

3. Torrent de Pareis/Sa Calobra

Torrent de Pareis is a 3 km long canyon ending at the landscaped beach of Sa Calobra. There are two ways to get to the beach – by overcoming the path in the canyon or through an artificial corridor cut into the rock.

An epic trekking route goes deep into the canyon through a narrow tunnel surrounded by 200-meter mountains along the bottom of the gorge. The trail starts in the middle of the mountain range and leads directly to the beach. The hike is not easy: you have to crawl, walk knee-deep in water and climb over rocks. You can return back by bus or taxi.

Unfortunately, we did not pass this hike, but we will definitely do it next time. Who wants to go on a hike, check this blog, everything is described there.

We used the lazy way – we drove to the parking lot near the beach by car, walked along the corridor in the rock and ended up on the beach. Then we walked 1 km inside the canyon and turned back. But still it was amazing.

4. Valldemossa

Incredibly cute mountain town with charming streets, family bakeries, colorful shutters, flowers and cafes with tables outside. Historically, the city was popular among the creative intelligentsia of Europe. Poets, artists and composers came here for inspiration. Frederic Chopin and George Sand spent two winters here in 1838-1839. Valldemossa is a fairly compact city, so you can get around it in a couple of hours.

5. Soller

Another picturesque mountain town in the Serra de Tramuntana 30 km from Palma. The city is famous for its orange groves and olive oil. However, in addition to the city itself, tourists are interested in the way to get there. You can get to Soller from Palma by car or bus – but the most interesting thing is to take a trip along the historic Red Lightning railway line, which has been operating continuously since 1912.

Check this website for the train timetable.

6. Cap de Formentor

The northernmost point of the island with amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea, a riot of nature and a crowd of tourists. The cape is located 14 km from Pollensa, but you have to drive along a narrow road. Along the cape there are many view points, trekking paths, coves and beaches. Among which, of course, the hyped Formentor beach with soft sand, umbrellas and beautiful feeds, the bays of Cala Figuera, Cala Murta and Cala Boquer.

The must-visit place on the cape is of course the lighthouse of the 19th century, but, unfortunately, we could not reach it because of the closed road.

The first photo was taken on the observation deck – above Cova de la Sireba, and the second from Mirador Colomer.

7. Cuevas del drach

Mallorca is known for its dungeons scattered throughout the island. Dragon Caves (Cuevas del drach) is the most popular underground complex. The complex consists of four tunnels with a total length of 4 kilometers, descending to a depth of 25 meters.

The Dragon Caves Tour of Mallorca lasts about an hour and includes a 10-minute classical music concert and a boat trip on Lake Martel. Check this link to buy the tickets and check the timetable.

Ticket prices
-Adults 16 € / on website — 15 €
-Kids from 3 to 12 years — 9 € / 8 € 

8. Cala Murta

A virgin pebble beach surrounded by a mountain range. The bay is located on Cape Formentor. To get to the beach, drive towards the lighthouse Faro de Formentor, after passing El Colomer after a while on the right side of the road you will see road signs indicating the way to the bay. After parking your car, you need to walk for 30 minutes along a convenient hiking trail.

9. Calo des Moro

Wild beach 55 km from Palma. Considered the most beautiful beach in Mallorca. It is really very beautiful here: on all sides the beach is surrounded by low cliffs with green trees, clear water and soft sand. The only disadvantage is the crowd of beach lovers just like you.

10. Cala Mondrago

A small cozy and fairly clean beach with clear water and soft sand, which is located on the territory of the reserve of the same name in the southeast of the island. The reserve is famous for its picturesque bays with sand dunes and pine groves, as well as a large number of birds. There are several walking routes from 1 to 10 km long inside the park. The beach is equipped with everything you need: sun loungers, umbrellas, ramps, lifeguards, a bar and a restaurant. Therefore, it is quite crowded here.

11. S’Amarador

Another beach in the Mondrago Park with bright sand, clear water and a pine forest.

12. Es Trenс

This beach is located away from the popular resorts of Mallorca, so it is not so crowded here. At the same time, the beach is fully equipped with everything necessary for relaxation (chaise lounges, toilets, etc.). Es Trenc is called the “local Caribbean” due to the turquoise water and white sand.

Foods to try in Mallorca:

Mallorca, as part of Spain, mainly offers Spanish cuisine, but there are some typical dishes as well. I advise you to eat as much seafood as you can. But what you have to try is Ensaimada. This is the most traditional desserts of the island – a bun with powdered sugar and pumpkin jam filling.

It’s sold in every bakery in Mallorca and known from the Middle Ages. In the archive of the Balearic Islands, there are written mentions of Ensaimada. In XIV century it was baked as a treat for the special events and holidays. Today, Ensaimada is served for breakfast in Mallorca like coffee and croissan in France.

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