All about our experience visiting the Five-star hotel in the Maldives with the one-day pass.

Vacation in the Maldives has always been my dream. However, it is too expensive to spend a full holiday in a luxurious hotel. So we took our chance of visiting the Maldives with a cruise. The boat stayed for 2 days at the port of Male, where we slept. More about the cruise experience read HERE.

The first day was dedicated to the local islands, where we bought cheap fruits, ate in local cafes and enjoyed the beaches. However, they are far less spectacular and peaceful than the ones on photos of a luxurious Maldives hotel, that we still wanted to visit. So the one-day pass was a great option.

A one-day pass in the Maldives, what is it?

Maldivian LUX hotels have a day-visit program for those who want a luxury vacation but can not afford it. You arrive at the hotel in the morning with a transfer, spend all day here and leave in the evening. On average, the price of such a vacation will cost 100-200$ per person per day. The normal hotel prize is far more expensive. Check it HERE.

So day-pass is a good option if you come to the Maldives as a budget tourist and stay in the low-price hotel (still good though) somewhere in Maafushi island or if you are a cruise passenger.

About our experience.

We booked a one-day pass for the Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru hotel. That cost 180$ per person. We went to the airport from Male by local ferry and there met a speed boat, that brought us to the private hotel island with other hotel guests, though we were the only day-visitors.

On the island, we were welcomed by hotel staff, which was super nice to us for the whole day.

One-day pass included a beach bungalow (the one on the photo), delicious lunch in a beach restaurant and all the facilities except the normal bungalow, that normal hotel guests have. We had snorkeling, sunbathing, saw a show of feeding the stingrays and little sharks and just before the sunset left the island with speed boat.

I can say I enjoyed this day very much and now dreaming to come back and spend at least a few days there.

In my life, there were many beautiful and very beautiful places. But here, in the Maldives, I had a Paradise on Earth. White sand, blue water, bungalows surrounded by green islands and staff, ready to do anything to relax you. Time freezes. On such an island you rest even from your thoughts.

How to choose a hotel in the Maldives for a day tour?

  • See the reviews of day-visitors. It is important that the attitude of the staff towards you is no worse than towards the guests.
  • Choose a hotel, that is easy to reach, from the place you stay.
  • Choose a hotel with the least number of day guests. Fewer people – a better level. We were the only ones in the whole hotel.
  • Check that the price includes lunch and entertainment.
  • If you want to save money, it is better to write to hotels directly and check how much the day-pass and transfer costs. Banyan Tree had a free shuttle service directly from the airport.

What to do in the Maldives?

  • Enjoy the view. Believe me, in the Maldives this is indeed a very important occupation.
  • Swim and sunbathing.
  • Go snorkeling and swim over the reef. Oh, how beautiful it is, a whole underwater forest!
  • Watch feeding on stingrays and swim with small sharks.
  • Eat seafood.
  • Enjoy the calm. This is a vacation for those who flee from the movement and want silence.

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