Actually, the essence of the Maldives is precisely that it is the best place in the world for doing nothing. Holidays in the Maldives is your chance to totally relax. Even from yourself, even from his thoughts. Everything here is so perfect, so beautiful that you won’t even want to think about the fact that there is some other life behind your island. So turn off the phone and download a couple of interesting books. And let’s see what to in this magnificent place?

1. Enjoy the view

Believe me, in the Maldives this is indeed a very important occupation. The hotel islands are designed by landscape geniuses and look like little pieces of Eden. Small houses immersed in the greenery of palm trees and tropical plants. Azure water and vanilla sky.

2. Swimming and sunbathing

In LUX-hotels, in addition to a cool villa with a pool, you can also get a beach bungalow (in the second picture). Caution, the Maldives is almost at the equator. There is a very strong sun.

чем заняться на Мальдивах

3. Snorkeling

Many hotels have their own unusual attraction. Called “home reef.” And everyone can calmly take the mask and swim over the reef to look at the fish. Oh, how beautiful it is, a whole underwater forest, or not, a seamount with a forest!

4. Watch the stingrays feeding

Some hotels have such nightly programs before sunset. You land on the beach and watch the hotel staff feed the stingrays. Dozens of stingrays and sharks come to feed.

5. Eat seafood

In the Maldives, tables with white tablecloths stand directly on the beach under palm trees. You eat fresh seafood and all kinds of fruits.

6. Diving

This is the best excursion that a hotel guide or travel agency can offer you. In the Maldives, you can learn diving and get certificates. The underwater world here is an unprecedented beauty.

7. Enjoy the tranquility

The Maldives is a vacation for those who run away from the speediness of life and want silence.

Popular excursions and activities in the Maldives

1. Day-pass in the LUX hotel

The Maldives is known as a place of expensive and elite vacation. But you can come here budget, settle in an economy class hotel. And then still get into the LUX-hotel by buying a special day-pass. In more detail about the day-pass function in Maldives hotels, as well as about budget holidays in the Maldives, I write in this article.

2. A romantic picnic

You will be brought to a sandy piece of land where in a single tent a beautiful table will be served.

3. Fishing

You will go on a boat to catch fish, which then will be served for dinner.

4. Wedding in the Maldives

Of course, we are talking about a symbolic wedding, which spouses often play on the anniversary of their real wedding. You exchange vows. And then you will have dinner by candlelight. Everything will be very beautiful and romantic.

5. Underwater restaurant

It’s like an aquarium on the contrary. You are sitting in a restaurant underwater with fish swimming around.

6. Seaplane tour

Admire the Maldivian atolls from above, flying above them on a small airplane.

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