From afar the coronavirus epidemic looks more like a well-staged hysteria based on the films “Contagion” than a real threat to humanity. Humanity is divided into two categories: believers and non-believers, in the virus, of course.
We will give the right to doctors to discuss the veracity and danger of the virus. I, as a travel blogger, will discuss traveling. Most recently, I returned from a trip to Asia, and on my page on Instagram, I wrote about measures against Coronavirus that take place in developed Singapore and provincial Cambodia. By the way, Europe has a lot to learn.
“Contagion” shots abound with ominous views of abandoned airports, supermarkets, and other public places. The virus from the film is really very dangerous, it is transmitted with one touch of the infected surface, the sick people do not survive. In reality, we (the world) are still far from the apocalypse. Many of my friends are traveling right now, and so far no one has been infected. So the question is whether to cancel the trip, I will answer NO.
But, it turned out that Coronavirus disrupted the holidays for about 50% of my Instagram followers. Therefore, of course, the virus adjusts its plans. And it’s not a chance to get infected, but a chance to be quarantined. As the policy of governments is changing rapidly.

How to travel in the era of Coronavirus?

  1. Do not make long-term plans
    I could write you a list of countries where there is no virus, but you never know what will happen tomorrow. Every day, the rules of entry and exit from country to country are changing. People when going on a trip to Italy did not even assume that the virus could reach Europe, and upon returning, Italy turned out to be the epicenter of the epidemic. Today, the United States has closed the entrance to all Europeans. What will happen tomorrow is unknown.
    2. Choose to travel to unpopular destinations
    So far, the spread of Coronavirus in the world shows up in popular countries. If you have always dreamed of a safari in Tanzania – this is the same hour.
    3. Try a trip by car
    In this situation, you will not only not be dependent on changes in flights, but also avoid a large crowd at airports.
    4. Explore your country
    Why not take advantage of hysteria and travel around Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Scandinavia? Why not take a trip to Russia?
    5. Do not fly to Italy
    Not because you will get sick there. But because, upon your return, you will definitely be taken to Quarantine.
    6. See last-minute tours
    This is amazing! How much prices have fallen in travel agencies. Recently I received an offer: a week in Tenerife all-inclusive just for 250 euros per person.
    7. Fly to asia
    You will not believe it, but in Cambodia and Thailand, the number of infected people is approaching zero! Indonesia is also safe.
    8. Follow the news
    Subscribe to some sources (there are a lot of them now) with news about Coronavirus.
     9. Follow travel bloggers
    What for? So you will see that traveling is not so scary now. You just need to remember the safety measures.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus?

It is probably worth buying. Probably you better by a couple of bottles since antiseptics and masks miraculously disappear from pharmacies. By the way, hand sanitizers are also sold in cosmetics stores. And now, attention, you need to handle not only your hands, but also, necessarily, your phone and laptop keyboard. Also, if you are flying in an airplane, do not be too lazy to wash the surfaces around you: a table, a window, armrests.

2. Avoid crowds
This is the most important rule, not only during the epidemic, but also in principle. In fact, a crowd of people can only be met at the airport and during public events. Events are canceled. So only the airports remain. Here I also have good news. The density of people at the airport has decreased significantly. We in Asia were able to easily separate from the crowd.

3. Public toilets
Do not sit on a toilet seat, wash your hands, do not touch anything. And it also concerns toilets in airplanes. They generally should be avoided.

This is the most controversial element in the fight against the virus. In Asia, 80% of travelers wore masks at airports and airplanes. But they wore them wrong. At the passport check, you must show your face to the border guard. This involves removing the mask. However, having removed the mask, you cannot put it back on, otherwise, all bacteria get inside, and its meaning is lost. As a result, I came to the conclusion that wearing a mask is more for calming the nerves of others than for your safety. Therefore, if you can’t buy a mask at the pharmacy, don’t panic.

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