I have never been attracted to trendy bubble hotels, or hotels in an airplane, or tent treehouses, because apart from the knowledge that you are sleeping in a cool place, they do not promise anything special. It’s often cramped and uncomfortable inside. But there are some hotels where spending a night is definitely an amazing experience and a true adventure.

Giraffe Manor

This is a small villa with stylish rooms in Kenya in the Giraffe Sanctuary. The prices start at 1500 euro per night. It includes 4 meals a day. During breakfast and afternoon tea, giraffes come and look into the hotel windows. The estate is located in a nature reserve, so you can mix a stay with a safari tour.

Hotel in a famous castle

In 2019, the owners of the famous Highclere Castle (the one from the TV series “Downton Abbey”) put on airbnb chambers in the castle with the possibility of booking for 1 night from 26 to 27 November. The program included a cocktail in the living room, dinner in the grand dining room, coffee in the library, a tour of the estate, and the company of the Count and Countess of Carnavon. The price for all is 150 pounds, but to become a guest of the estate you had to write a cover letter and pass the competition.

In fact, the night at the castle service is available in many historical properties around the world. I even wrote an article about hotels in castles and historical palaces in Latvia.

Igloo hotels in Finland

Igloos are traditional Eskimo houses made of ice and snow. Although, of course, Igloo hotels in Lapland are built of modern materials and only look like a real igloo. The best thing here is the glass ceiling, which allows you to admire the northern lights right from your bed.

Such hotels are located in the Arctic Circle. As a rule, there is a spa on the territory, deer and dog sledding are offered.

The most popular hotel Is Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – 270 euros for 1 night for two people with breakfast included. Follow this link to see the availability.

Sea villa in the Maldives

Holidays in the Maldives are an attribute of life in abundance. Although, in fact, you can relax in the Maldives quite on a budget, prices per night for legendary water villas in LUX-hotels start from 350 euros and can go up to several thousand.

For this money, you get your piece of the ocean, excellent service, a stunning view right from your bed, an openair jacuzzi and the infrastructure of the hotel itself: beaches, bars, spa, fitness, etc.

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Lodge in the safari park

This is a bungalow nature reserve hotel. It is common to live in such a hotel during a multi-day safari tour in South Africa, Tanzania, Peru or other African and South American countries. Travelers get up before dawn, return from the safari for breakfast, rest in the lodge during the day while the animals sleep, and then go on an evening or night safari. Despite the Spartan name, the conditions in such hotels are luxurious, and staying here recalls the film “Tarzan”.

The price per night starts from around 150 euros and goes up to several thousand. Normally meals are included in the price. Also, the hotel is often included in the price of the safari tour. The more expensive the tour, the better the hotel.

The hotel on the photo – Naibor Camp in Kenya. Night price – 450 euros.

The next photo is Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica in the Amazon jungle in Peru – 480 euros per night.

Chalet in the Alps

Living in a mountain chalet is another adventure. Cozy wooden cabin with a fireplace, mountain views, wicker rugs and hot breakfast rolls. People usually stay in such hotels during ski holidays in Austria, Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland. Prices per night start from 30-50 euros for budget rooms with a shared toilet. Comfortable rooms with breakfast and spa will cost around 100 euros per night.

This hotel name is Forestis Dolomites – 650 euros per night (breakfast and dinner included). Follow the link to check this hotel on booking.com

During our trip to Dolomites we stayed in cozy chalet 15 mins walking from the city center of Castelrotto – Villa Rier. It cost us 75 euros / day. We had a room with a balcony and beautiful mountain view and drank fresh juices for breakfast.

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