The very big full guide with all the best things to do and places to visit in Latvia. Now you can plan your trip around Latvia and finally find out that Latvia is a very fascinating country with many interesting places to visit.

1. Walk around the Old Riga

what to do in Riga

Riga’s old town is one of the most charming places in the world. Riga was the outside decoration for many famous movies, especially during the Soviet period. I recommend to spend a full weekend in this magical town, for sure try Latvian cuisine (follow the link, to know the best restaurants with Latvian cuisine in Riga), watch the ballet at Riga’s Opera and enjoy the SPA.

Read my article: how to spend a weekend in Jurmala.

2. Explore thу most interesting castles in Latvia

Yes. To visit the medieval castle or beautiful palace or romantic ruins you don’t need to go to Bayern, France or Austria. In Latvia, you can visit many ancient castles and charming palaces with dreamy parks and abandoned forests. Some of them work as museums, and in a few as hotels. So you can book a room and have this dreamy experience of living like a royal. Read my article 13 most interesting castles you have to visit in Latvia. 

Latvia castle hotel

3. Walk along the real bog

This is a kind of experience you can’t do anywhere else. Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk is definitely the most famous bog in the country. However, there are others: Dunika bog, Vasenieki bog, Saklaura bog, Ruksu bog, etc.

What’s the bog walk like? There are 2 options. The first one is an easy one. In some of the bogs, the walking trail is made. So you can safely walk along the trail and enjoy the view. Another one is a more extremal – bog shoeing tour. These are the pree-booked organized tours around the bogs, where you explore the bog in a small group together with an experienced guide, wearing the special bog shoes, and visit the places outside the boardwalk. This is definitely a must-do in Latvia.

bor kemeri
bog shoeing tour

4. Enjoy the sunset on the Jurmala beach

In my opinion, Jurmala is the best place to spend the whole summer. And Jurmala’s sunsets are the best in the world. So, please, go and meet the sunset on Jurmala beach.

best places to visit in Jurmala

5. Try the Latvian cuisine

Latvia cuisine is very unique and very tasty. To fully understand it, you have to try it in the right places, Follow the link to know the 3 Best places to try Latvian food in Riga In these restaurants you will find out what the high Latvian cuisine is. And this list: Latvian cuisine: What To Try in Latvia? is about the food and snacks that locals cook and eat every day.

Valtera restaurant
Valtera restaurant

6. Explore Sigulda, Cesis and Ligatne

You definitely can’t visit these 3 cities in one day as there is so much to do and visit in each of them. However, I decided to unite Sigulda, Cesis, and Ligathe at one point as they are located very close to each other.

Sigulda is the most popular place nearby Riga. There are many natural attractions to spend the whole day:

Sigulda cable car
Sigulda cable car

Cesis is located a bit further from Riga and there are fewer people. The main attractions are:

  • Cesis medieval castle
  • Erglu and Sarkanas Cliffs which are situated on natural trails with a veru picturesque views.
Erglu klintis
Erglu klintis

Ligatne is an undeservedly little known place even among the Latvians. However, there are quite few places to visit:

  • The soviet secret bunker;
  • Anfabricas klintis (one more picturesque cliff);
  • The Vienkoču Park (a landscape park with different nature trails and outdoor museum with models of historical Latvian buildings);

7. Enjoy the nature trails

Oh my god, there are so many nature trails is Latvia. We already mentioned the bog trails, now let’s make the top-5 of nature trails. And other trails you can observe on this map.

  • Slitere National Park trails;
  • The barefoot path in Kemeri (2,5 km trail that you have to walk barefoot);
  • Sunset Trail in Saulkrasti;
  • Sloka Lake Walking Trail;
  • The Jurmalas Ragakapas trail.
The barefoot path in Kemeri
The barefoot path in Kemeri

8. Visit the widest European waterfall in Kuldiga

Kuldiga is a very small and charming city with those narrow streets and small houses. Basically you can visit Kuldiga on your way to Liepaja or Ventspils, as you will need only a few hours to explore the whole city the main attraction of which is the widest waterfall in Europe (249 m) – Venta Rapid.

waterfall Kuldiga

9. Spend a weekend in Liepaja or Ventspils

The cities are situated quite apart, but still, I decided to unite them at one point, as both of them are a perfect weekend destination. Also, both of the cities are situated on the sea coast and have great beaches, so they are specially must-visit in summer.


10. Relax in a SPA

In every hotel around Latvia, you will be offered many different spa procedures, where are used local balsams, creams, clay, herbs and even beer. SPA is kind of the must-do experience in Latvia.

Espa Riga
Espa Riga

11. Stay in a stylish hotel

There are quite few very stylish SPA hotels in Riga with great interiors and nice service. However, what I offer is to have an incredible experience and stay in a real castle! Follow the link to know about the 10 hotels that are located in the historical palaces and castles of Latvia.

Malpils hotel

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