during the flight

What to eat during the flight?

Firstly you have to check if there will be a meal on board. If not. It’s better to eat before the flight and take a snack than experiencing the quality of the onboard menu. If the air company suggests the food on its’ flights than up to 24 hours before the flight you can choose a special meal in your “manage my booking” on the company website. However, my experience says the standard one is always better.

Where to sit?

Window or aisle? And, please, not the middle.

During the long night flights, I prefer to sit by the window and sleep, leaning on the wall. During the day flights – in the aisle, so I can stand up and walk without disturbing anyone.

How to change your seat on the airplane?

When the last passenger came aboard, the pilot announces “boarding completed” and at that moment you can get up and take your desired seat. But! it’s better to go up to the steward and clarify: can you moove now or only after take-off. ⠀⠀

What to take on board?

  • Socks. As soon as you sit down, take off your shoes so that your legs rest. And so as not to cause discomfort to neighbors – change your socks. ⠀⠀
  • Compression socks are pantyhose if the legs are swollen.
  • An empty bottle or takeaway mug. In-flight, you need to drink a lot of water. And so as not to go constantly for water – ask them to pour you a bottle! If water is not free on the airplane, then buy water at the airport. Why an empty bottle? – To pass baggage carousel control at the airport. ⠀⠀
  • Toothbrush, deodorant, comb, moisturizer.
  • Snack (relevant for low-cost flights).
  • Blindfold for sleep.

P.S.: On the long flights you get the pillow and blanket. So, don’t use the pillow properly. You don’t know who used it before you. Just put it under your ass. Seriously, it’s gonna be way more comfortable to sit during the long time.

What to wear?

With short flights everything is clear. You wear a comfortable casual dress and relax. ⠀⠀
For long flights with transfers, I have a special travel set: leggings, a sports top, a t-shirt that you can tuck into your pants, sneakers and a jacket with a big hood (Right! To cover your face and sleep). And as It’s often cold at airports especially during the nights, so I always have a blanket. ⠀

What to do at the airport?

If I have to spend a long time at some airport, then I google it in advance and check the things I can do. For example, Amsterdam Airport has a terrace with views of the runways. Brussels Airport is just a 17-minute drive from the city center. Helsinki has very comfortable places to relax, Vienna has a grocery store, but the Paris airport is boring and homeless.

What to do if your flight was canceled or delayed?

To know what to do in this cases and how to get up to 600 euros for the flight delay just follow THIS LINK.

Have a pleasant flight! And please do not jump from your seat as soon as the plane has landed. This is annoying!

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