Well, as I already mentioned in my big article “One happy island” if you are not ready to spend hundreds of dollars on food, don’t even pretend to eat in the restaurants. Aruba restaurants can be very expensive. So basically the best option is to rent an apartment or apart-hotel and cook in your kitchen. However, in this article, I will tell you about 2 special Aruba restaurants, where you can eat for a little money and enjoy it.

1. Zeerovers

Zeerovers. Where to eat in Aruba

Zeerovers is an oceanfront seafood restaurant on the south of the island. It is located in the Savaneta district right on the coast. In the restaurant, they serve seafood right out of the ocean: big shrimps, snapper, barracuda, wahoo, and kingfish. Here you can have a nice fresh seafood dinner with a great view (sunset view is amazing) only for 10-15 dollars per person.

Zeerovers restaurant has a very interesting system very different from basic restaurants, where you sit and the table and order a menu. No. Here, first of all, you come to the window (sometimes you have to wait in a queue) to order the food. You can choose only between “the catch of the day” and just under your supervision the weighed the fish and shrimps to your plate and give it to the kitchen.

Fresh catch Zeerovers

Then you go to another window and order drinks. I also recommend you try the coconut ice cream. And then you take a table and wait for the food, which is brought by the waiter. And this is extremely tasty.

coconut ice cream Zeerovers

Address: Savaneta, 270 Savaneta

Opening hours: Tue – Sun:11:00 am – 09:00 pm

Zeerovers restaurant

2. Moomba Beach Bar

Moomba Beach Bar is a legendary place. It’s located right on the beach close to the Holiday inn hotel. Here you can have dinner with a spectacular sunset view. But as for me, this is my favourite breakfast place in Aruba. They have an everyday breakfast buffet, where you can eat as much as you want. And the variety is great: eggs, fruits, meat, cereals and so on. The price is 15 dollars per person including coffee and tea.

Address: JE Irausquin BLVD 230, Aruba

Opening hours: every day 8 am-11 pm. Happy hour: 6 pm – 7 pm

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