Many tourists know Aruba only as an island of the beaches. Okay, best white sand, crystal blue water Caribbean beaches. But I will surprise you as the island can suggest another thing – Arikok National Park. Being there you can’t even dare to imagine that just 5 minutes driving from here there is a peaceful bounty beach. Read my guide and explore the wild part of Aruba!

There are 2 ways to get to the park: a group jeep safari tour and by yourself. I definitely recommend exploring the park by yourself as it will be much cheaper and fascinating. At some moments you can be alone on the spot and fully enjoy it.

Rent a jeep or 4×4

It is essential. As you will go offroad. The road at San Fuego Entrance is ok to drive with a normal car, but the Shete Entrance road where the Natural pool is located is very bumpy.

4x4 Arikok National Park
4×4 Arikok National Park

Explore the Arikok from San Fuego Entrance

This is the park entrance where you supposed to buy entrance tickets. Also, this part of the park is accessible with a normal car.

Parking in Arikok National Park
Parking in Arikok National Park

In this “Northern Loop” there are 4 most exciting sights to visit: Fontein Cave, Quadirikiri cave, Boca Prins and Dos Playa.

1. Fontein and Quadirikiri Caves

In the Fontein cave, you can see many ancient paintings for 100 years old. And in the Quadirikiri Cave, there is a very photogenic roof hole and many bats in the shadow parts.

Quadirikiri Cave

2. Boca Prins

Boca Prins is a white sand beach that lies in the middle of the rock formation.

Boca Prins

3. Dos Playa

Dos Playa is the most important sea turtle nesting site on the island (there is also one in Baby Beach). But compared to the Baby Beach you most unlikely swim with them there.

Dos Playa – Arikok Natural Park

Explore the Arikok from the Shete Entrance

Leave the park and enter it one more time from the Shete Entrance. This part of the park is amazing and totally off-road, there are also fewer people. In this part of the park, the main attractions are: the Moro beach and the Natural Pool. The experience of both spots is superb.

4. Moro Beach

Moro beach is a huge white sand beach that is split into two parts by a giant cliff. Thanks to which there is a sand path opened right in the middle of the waves. The views are spectacular.

Moro beach
Moro beach

5. Natural Pool (Conchi)

The Natural Pool will be the strawberry on the cake of your trip to Arikok National park. It is my favorite spot in the park. What the natural pool is like? It is a water lagoon that is surrounded by rocks that protect the lagoon from the rough sea. You can climb up the cliffs and discover a small pool that I named – natural jacuzzi.

Natural Pool Aruba
Natural Pool Aruba

Adress: Arikok National Park Foundation, San Fuego 70, Aruba

OPENING HOURS & ENTRY FEE: Monday – Sunday from 08:00 am till 4:00 pm (ticket sales closes 3:30 pm). Price: US$11,- per person. Children under 17 years can enter for free.

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