When I just moved to Latvia, Sigulda was the third point where I was advised to go after Riga and Jurmala. Riga is the capital and most beautiful city of Latvia. Jurmala is the main resort with 30 km of white sand beach. And Sigulda is the best place in the country for outdoor activities all year round. Sigulda is about ski and bobsleigh tracks, bungee jumping, an adventure park, medieval castles with thematic entertainment, forest trails and a picturesque national park. Let’s figure out: what to do in Sigulda.

How to get to Sigulda?

The best way is to get there by car. Since it will be very difficult to move around Sigulda without a car. Neither Uber nor Yandex taxi works in the city.

If you plan to go by public transport, then take (or rent) a bicycle in Sigulda.

From Riga to Sigulda it is most convenient to get by train. Check the schedule here. The trip will take about 60-80 minutes.

Best places to visit in Sigulda

1.Turaida Castle

The Turaida medieval castle is located in the very beautiful Gauja nature reserve in Sigulda, 60 km from Riga. This is the most famous castle of all castles in Latvia. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful forest park with nature trails and a rock garden, where various festivals are often held. On the territory of the castle, you can familiarize yourself with its history, as well as practice medieval activities such as archery.

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 19:00.

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2. Krimulda Palace

The palace was built in the style of classicism in the 19th century, today plays the role of a rehabilitation center. On the territory of the ensemble some buildings, such as stables, have been preserved. Also near the palace, you can find the ruins of the old Krimulda castle.

3. Gutman Cave

This is the largest grotto in the Baltics. Gutman Cave is about 10,000 years old. And the inscriptions on its walls date back to the 17th century. The entrance is free.

4. Sigulda Castle

Sigulda Castle is one of the oldest castles in Latvia. It was built at the beginning of the 13th century as the castle of the Livonian Order. Today the castle is a half-ruin. After the reconstruction, visitors can climb the South and North towers, as well as stroll along the stone wall. The castle often plays the role of a stage for various festivals and concerts.

5. Sand painting workshop

The workshop of Elmars Gaigalnieks is located on the territory of Turaida Castle. The artist creates paintings from sand, using the author’s technique, in which the sand is strengthened so that everyone can buy a picture and take it home. Also you can take part in a sand painting workshop.

6. Birini Castle

Birini Pils is located 25 km from Sigulda (by car). This is a charming palace with a beautiful park. Today, the palace is a hotel. And everyone can reserve a room and live in palace interiors.

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What to do in Sigulda?

1. Adventure park “Tarzans”

For many, Sigulda became famous thanks to this adventure park. It is a place where every adult can become a child and climb trees. This is the largest rope park in the Baltics. There are tracks of various heights and difficulty levels.

2. Bobsleigh track

There is no Disneyland in Latvia, but the feel of the bobsled track is much cooler. This is a full-fledged professional bobsleigh track, where athletes train, but tourists can also ride. The speed of descent from 80 km / h to 100 km / h. The track runs all year round.

3. Nature trails

Sigulda is located in the Gauja National Park. The city is penetrated by various natural trails, following which you can explore the sights. A map of trails and attractions can be obtained free of charge at the Sigulda Information Center.

4. Bungee jumping

You jump directly from the platform of the cable car aerial tram. From which a stunning view of the river and the forest opens. The cost of the jump is 60 euros.

5. Fly in the open-air wind tunnel

This is a safe way to “fly” or “soar in zero gravity.” A vertical column of air blows in the pipe so strong that it can lift a person.

6. Ski resort

For the mountains and the opportunity to ski, Sigulda is also called Latvian Switzerland.

The track runs from November to March, depending on weather conditions. On weekdays – from 12:00 to 22:00, on weekends – from 10:00 to 22:00.

The price of one lift is 0.5 EUR, the deposit of an electronic chip is 5 EUR. Equipment rental – from 6 EUR, instructor work – 13 EUR per hour.

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