Jurmala is a second popular city in Latvia and the main resort of the country. However, most of the people have no idea what to do and what to visit in Jurmala besides the main attractions of Jomas iela and the beach. So I prepared this article to help you to plan your stay in Jurmala and make it really cool.

A small note: for me Jurmala is, first of all, about nature, the fresh air, and the sunsets. There are many places in Majori, Dzintari, and Bulduri where you can rent a bike or take an electric scooter. So, do it, you won’t regret!

1.Jurmala open-air museum

Jūrmalas Brīvdabas muzejs is an ethnographic museum – recreated fishermen village. The target of the museum is to demonstrate the life of fishermen that inhabited these shores for hundreds of years. The exposition is ancient houses, attributes of village life. Also sometimes they lead a few entertainment activities.

The museum is free of charge. Working hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10 am-5 pm.

best places to visit in Jurmala

2. Ragakapa Nature Park

Ragakapa Nature Park is a nature trail in Lielupe that passes through the pine trees, sand dunes with incredible sea viewpoints. Ragakāpas dabas parks is situated right after the open-air museum, so you can visit them in one day.

best places to visit in Jurmala

3. Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk

In Jurmala, you have the unique opportunity to visit a real bog. In the Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk, there are 2 trails: 1.5 km and 3.5 km. In both you will see incredible views. But the best experience you will get if you plan your trip in advance and book a bog shoeing tour. Where you will explore the bog in a small group together with an experienced guide and visit the places outside the boardwalk. This one is must-visit in Jurmala!

best places to visit in Jurmala
best places to visit in Jurmala kemeri

4. Jurmala city museum

The Jūrmala City Museum exposition shows the development of Jurmala from the 19th century until today. You can see what people wore and how spent their leisure time in the resort at different times.

The museum is free of charge. Working hours: Wed-Sun 10:00-17:00. During the summer period, the museum closes at 18:00.

best places to visit in Jurmala

5. House of Aspazija

Aspazija was a Latvian poetess. And this museum was the very house where she used to live. The museums transfer the atmosphere of the 20th-century with its interior and household items. The cool thing are the projected cats’ holograms that inhabit the house.

The museum is free of charge. Working hours: Tue – Sat 10:00-17:00. During summer period the museum closes at 18:00.

best places to visit in Jurmala
best places to visit in Jurmala

6. Bulduru Baznīca

This church is also called a “forest chapel”. It is one of the most charming buildings in Jurmala. It is situated in Dubulti, so you can enjoy the church view together with a calm stroll in the forest. My recommendation is also to visit the train station Dubulti as it is also a free art gallery.

best places to visit in Jurmala
best places to visit in Jurmala

7. Art gallery “Inner Light”

It is an art gallery of the artist Vitaly Yermolayev. He works in a special lighting technique, so the viewer sees the inner light of the picture. Also, the painting transforms depending on the day or night lighting.

Working hours: every day 11:00-17:00.

8. Dzintari forest park

It is a super commonplace for a family pastime in Jurmala. In the park, there are many activities for kids of different ages: the skate park, tree adventure park, few cafes, playgrounds, and a view-tower.

Working hours: 09:00-22:00

best places to visit in Jurmala
best places to visit in Jurmala

9. Jomas street

It is the main pedestrian street of the city, where most of the restaurants are situated. During the summer Jomas iela becomes a really crowded place as “the center of life” and the main tourist attraction.

where to eat in jurmala

10. State cottage №2

While in Latvia they are trying to forget about the Soviet past, in the sanatorium Jantarnij bereg they opened a museum that provides you a trip to USSR. State cottage № 2 used to be the sea residence of the USSR party leaders. It is also called “Brezhnev’s Dacha”, although Brezhnev has never visited the Baltic states.

The museum retains authentic Soviet interiors, furniture, books and household items, the 1977 Time program, newsreels, and original photographs of the 70s.

For groups of 20 people and more, there is an option of a theatrical excursion with a black Volga, a meeting with the actor playing Leonid Brezhnev, watching newsreels in the hall covered with red carpets, and a dinner with dishes that were prepared for the party elite in the 70-80s.

To enter the museum you have to book your tour in advance. Follow the link.

11. Kemeri Resort

Kemeri resort has been known since the 18th century. In the 19th century, on the orders of Nicholas I, the first baths appeared here, and later even the Kemeri-Moscow railway was built. In the 30s of the 20th century, this hotel was built, which was considered one of the most modern in Europe. And in Soviet times, this resort was considered an all-Union health resort.

Recently, the hotel and the park have been restored. You can’t go inside, but the outside is very beautiful. Here you can make a beautiful photos in the style of Monaco or make a wedding Photoshooting.

The sunset in Jurmala

Yes. This is not the place to visit in Jurmala. However, in my opinion the sunsets in Jurmala are the most beautiful in the world. So you definitely have to witness one of them on the beach.

best places to visit in Jurmala
best places to visit in Jurmala
best places to visit in Jurmala

If you plan to go to Jurmala you will maybe need the restaurant guide. Follow the link “where to eat in Jurmala” to know the cheap places to eat in Jurmala and the best places to eat in Jurmala.

How to get to Jurmala from Riga?

The center of Jurmala is located 20 km from Riga. There are 3 options to get there:

  • The train. Go to the Riga central train station and choose the train with direction Tukums or Sloka. Get off the train at the Majori station. Majori is the center. Jurmala starts with Lielupe station. And the bog is at Kemeri station.
  • The minibus. The minibus stop is located very close to the train station and go directly to Majori.

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