I remember my trip to Vilnius. It started with a bus from Palanga and ended with a bus to Tallinn. In Lithuania, there is a little more Russian than in Latvia and a little more European than in Minsk (I specifically indicated only Minsk and not Belarus). I’m not talking about language, architecture, etc., but about something that is in the air, but defies explanation.

By the way, it is interesting that Latvians claim that the Lithuanian language is not very similar to Latvian. But I, am Russian who knows Latvian, on the contrary, I see in them a lot in common. But let’s go back to the question of what to visit in Vilnius and how to spend a weekend here. Here we go!

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1. Take a walk around the Old Town

May I please, I not separate each Vilnius attraction as a separate point and simply combine everything into a single walk around the Old Town. Tip: scooters are spread throughout the city in summer, they can be rented by downloading the application. Keep it in mind if you get tired of walking.

2. Get to Užupis

Užupis is an informal district of the city, calling itself a separate republic. Užupis has its own anthem and constitution. Here is its passage:

“Everyone has the right to die but is not obligated.

Everyone has the right to be offended.

Everyone has the right to be happy.

A cat is not obliged to love its owner. ”

3. Climb the castle hill to the Gediminas tower

Gediminas’ Tower was built in the 15th century, and it is located on Castle Hill, which rises 48 meters from the ground. The mountain offers a great view of the city.

4. Piles Street

One of the oldest streets of Vilnius. There are many restaurants with terraces, where you can try the national Lithuanian cuisine. Scroll down the text to know what to try in Lithuania.

5. Chocolate Museum

In fact, this is a chocolate-coffee house on the same Piles street. But there are very beautiful sculptures made of chocolate (as pictured) and delicious desserts.

6. Visit Trakai Castle

Trakai Castle is one of the most beautiful buildings in Lithuania, and one of the few survived medieval castles in the Baltic countries. Now the castle houses the Trakai History Museum.

How to get to the Trakai castle from Vilnius?

Trakai Castle is located in Trakai, which is 27 km from Vilnius. A regular bus runs regularly from Vilnius to Trakai. Buses depart from the bus station, which is located on Sodu Street 22. The walk from the bus stop in Trakai to the castle is about 20 minutes.

best places to visit in Vilnius

7. Go down the dungeon

In Vilnius, there is a whole network of dungeons, and there are many places that allow people to enter and guided tours. The most famous dungeons are located under the Archcathedral near the Castle Hill.

8. Hot air balloon

In Lithuania, flying with a balloon is much cheaper than in Latvia. If you drive on the autostradas, then in some places dozens of balloons soaring in the sky are not uncommon. You can fly in Vilnius, in Trakai, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai, Panevezys, Alytus and other cities of Lithuania. Look here.

что посмотреть в Вильнюсе

What about a vacation in Palanga?

Many times I argued with the Lithuanians about which resort is better: Palanga or Klaipeda. And for me, definitely Palanga. I love it for the beautiful beach, a cozy promenade similar to Jurmala Jomas, a long pier, and delicious food. So, go to Palanga for a couple of days, take a bike and enjoy the sea air.

And do not forget to get a souvenir made by amber. After all, it is mined precisely on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

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Food in Lithuania

The cuisine of Lithuania, as well as its geographical location, lies somewhere between Latvia and Poland. It is quite heavy and the portions are big. The main dishes of Lithuanian cuisine are potatoes and pork. I will tell you about 3 national dishes that you definitely have to try in Lithuania. They are on the menu of every restaurant in the old town.

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This is a very satisfying dish. A kind of boiled potato dumplings filled with meat and served with sour cream sauce with pieces of fried pork.

2. Soup in a bread

This is a simple mushroom cream soup that is served in a loaf of bread.

3. Cold beetroot soup

I already wrote about this soup in an article about food in Latvia. Cold beetroot soup is as popular in Lithuania as in Latvia. And they cook it also delicious. The ingredients are beetroots, cucumbers, dill, boiled eggs, and kefir. 

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