For me, Tallinn is the best place in the world to feel the old town atmosphere with good and affordable service and delicious food. There is something in this city that makes you feel in the middle of a fairytale, especially when everything is decorated with snow and Christmas fairs are on. Let’s see how to spend a weekend in this charming city.

Must-visit in Tallinn:

  • Museum «Tallinn legends». Many cities have such interactive museums illustrating the legends of the city. The trick of the museum in Tallinn is that the whole performance begins on the street with actors-barkers: dwarfs, witches, and knights.
  • Kiek-in-de-kok. You will see how the catacombs were used in different centuries and times: from bomb shelters to underground rehearsals of rock groups.
  • Seaplane harbor. The most interactive and interesting museum in my life. It’s necessary to go. You are especially lucky to get to a thematic exhibition. I was lucky to enter the Titanic exhibition. It was unbelievable: the originals of the personal belongings of the passengers, the designed staircase on which DiCaprio was about to descend. But the permanent exhibition of the museum is very worthwhile. You can climb into a submarine, shoot at enemy planes and learn all about flights.

Must try in Tallinn:

  • The famous typical nuts. Such nuts are sold in many cities of Europe, but nothing beats the nuts from the streets of Tallinn. It’s all about the selection of spices. Attention! Ask for hot nuts from the spoon of the saleswoman, it’s even tastier. Order a cup of hot wine for your city walk. This way you won’t be freeze.
  • Soup and pasties in medieval taverna «III Draakon«. A big delicious pasty with soup cost just 4 euro. But the medieval atmosphere and interior and priceless.
  • Rose pudding at«Olde Hansa». It’s a very medieval restaurant just in the heart of Tallinn. The tasty food surrounded by candles and costumed waitress together with antique dishes will make your evening.
  • Sweets. A large cup of cappuccino and a Kalev chocolate bar or a set of marzipan sweets, or a croissant with marzipan. Estonian Kohviks is in my list of coziest coffee houses all over the world.

How to spend a weekend in Tallinn in winter?

In the summertime, I would recommend you drive around Estonia and be amazed by nature and the castles. But in wintertime 2 days for Tallinn would be enough. Here are some ideas, how to diversify your trip.

  • You can take a 2 hours boat to Helsinki and see one more city.
  • Or 4-hours bus to Riga.
  • Or you can purchase a whole cruise trip Tallinn – Helsinki – Stockholm. 

What else to do in Tallinn?

Go around all the viewpoints of the city (except the one on the tower, we will leave it for the summer). The city under a light layer of snow is charming.

Visit one of the nearby castles: Glehn castle or Rakvere castle.

Visit the gift shop and enjoy the souvenirs: old books style notebooks, dwarfs’ hats, knitted mittens, wooden dishes.

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