The globalization has penetrated into all spheres of our lives and is especially notable in the food market. It is customary for us to order sushi at home, go to a Thai restaurant, buy Swedish meatballs and drink Italian coffee with Turkish delight. And all of this without leaving one city. However, there are still dishes that can only be tasted in the places where they come from. So, we travel for taste sensations! Food worth traveling for.

1.Brazilian Acai

Acai is a type of berries that grows in the Amazon forests. They are full of antioxidants and are the best natural energetic. From the frozen Acai berries, the Acai Bowl is prepared, which is a traditional dish in Brazil. Acai in Brazil is sold on every corner as ice cream and served in almost all cafes in the form of a bowl with all kinds of toppings to choose from. Of course, Acai is exported and can be found in every country, but either in the form of powder or in the form of freezing long-term storage. Neither one tastes the same as Acai Bowl in Brazil.

acai in Brazil

2. Burrata cheese in Italy

Burrata cheese comes from the south of Italy. It is a bag of mozzarella with a delicate creamy texture inside and is made from the milk of cows and buffalo. You can evaluate the taste of burrata cheese only if it is fresh. And it spoils very quickly. So, welcome to Italy!

3. Sushi and onigiri in Japan

A couple of times in different countries I happened to eat real Japanese sushi. But never found tasty onigiri anywhere in the world. Onigiri is a rice triangle with various fillings: salmon, caviar, omelet, etc. In Japan, they are sold in every store. Other Asian countries also have onigiri, but the main feature of Japanese onigiri is that they are always fresh.

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4. Mora and Guanabana juices in Ecuador

Berries of Mora grow in South America in the Andes region. They taste very similar to blackberries and raspberries, but much sweeter. Guanabana grows in various southern countries in different parts of the world, tastes like sweet apple jelly. In Ecuador are very popular freshly squeezed juices from various fruits, including juice from Mora berries and juice from Guanabana.

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moro juice ecuador

5. Pao de quiejo in Brazil

These are gluten-free cheese buns that are made from manioca. It is delicious to eat warm for breakfast or as a snack. In Brazil, you can find them in every cafe. As for other countries, I once saw these buns in Ecuador. And that’s all.

6. Italian gelato

The most delicious ice cream in my life I ate in the Italian city of Bibione. It’s fat, creamy and the portions are enormous.

7. Alfajores in Argentina

This is an Argentinean answer by French macaron. The traditional Alfahor is such a cookie stuffed with dulce de leche, and then there are various additives: chocolate, meringues, glaze, etc. In Buenos Aires, Alfajores are baked in restaurants and sold in all stores; moreover, even companies such as Milka have launched an Alfajores line especially for Argentina. But the most delicious Alfajores are made by Havanna company.

8. Sandwich with salmon. Finland

Unfortunately, I did not find a photo of that sandwich on the Internet, but I will try to describe it. On the border of Finland and Russia in the fish shops, they also sell sandwiches: brown bread + butter + hot smoked salmon. These are the sandwiches of my childhood.

And, yes, salmon in the Scandinavian countries is excellent.

9. Karelian pasty

These are open pies from rye unleavened dough with various fillings. In addition to Karelia, they are also made in Finland. The taste of a fresh Karelian pasty is superb.

10. Pastel de nata. Portugal

Cupcake puff pastry with custard. The pasty is widespread in Portugal and in the territory of the former colonies of Portugal. A couple of times I saw this cake in Latvia, but the taste is not even close to what you try in Lisbon.

10. Russian pancakes and semolina porridge

I thought about many dishes from Russian cuisine. And realized that, in principle, the most popular Russian / Slavic dishes are served in many countries. But such a light milky tasty semolina porridge and delicate thin pancakes are made only in Russia.

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