No, in this post I will not tell you about the fabulous taste of durian or that you need to try a bug. But since Thai food is one of my favorites, I decided to write you a list of my beloved dishes in Thailand, that I really recommend you to try. Be careful, once you try Pad Thai you won’t be able to stop! My husband ate around 3 portions of Pad Thai every day.

1. Spring rolls

It’s my favorite snack while in Asia. Shrimps, fresh veggies wrapped in rice paper. It is super healthy and gluten-free. I also love the fried version of spring rolls, it is less healthy (totally unhealthy) but soo tasty.

2. Pad Thai

Every cuisine has its way to cook spaghetti or noodles. And my favorite definitely would be Pad Thai! This is a classic Thai meal – fried rice noodles with vegetables and sauce, nuts. You can have it with shrimps, chicken or vegetarian. It is a very tasty meal and very high in calories.

thai food
3. Mango Sticky Rice.

It is a traditional Thai dessert. Sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and served with sweet mango

4. Thai Fried Rice (Khao Phat or Khao Pad)

If you have tried Fried Rice in Asia you won’t be able to eat rice in any other country. The meal is basically fried rice with soy sauce, onions, vegetables, and species. You can also order a Fried Rice with eggs, chicken or shrimps.

5. Onigiri

I prefer to call them “riceburgers”. This is not a really Thai meal (it is Japanese) but onigiri is usually sold in Thai supermarkets or even 7/11. Basically, onigiri is just a plane rice triangle wrapped in nori leaves. You can choose the plane onigiri and also with a filling: salmon, tuna, etc. That is why I call it “riceburger”.

6. Big Sheet Seaweed

Those are nori chips. They are sold in 7/11.

7. Thai fruits

Thailand is the best country to eat fruits. The variety of fruits is enormous. And they are very cheap. When I go back from Thailand I usually buy a basket of fruits as souvenirs. But my favorite will always be a dragonfruit.

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8. Thai Tea

It’s just a powder tea with milk and sugar, but instead of just adding ingredients, they blend it. The same tea can be hot and iced.

9. Thai rolled ice cream (Fried ice cream)

Also known by “stir-fried ice cream”. I am not a big fan of ice creams including this one. But at least once you have to order a fried ice cream just to witness its’ preparation. The liquid base (sugar, cream etc) is poured onto a frozen pan and then chopped, mixed, spread and rolled right in front of you.

10. Tom Yum

It is a traditional Thai hot spicy soup. The best part of the soup and also the reason why you need to try it, as while eating you feel so many different tastes: coconut milk, spicy lemongrass etc.

11. Banana Roti

Thai roti is one of THE most popular desserts among tourists in Thailand! And this are simply the pancakes (crepes). This is a street-food dessert. And the pancakes are cooked just in front of your eyes on this mobile cooker. The usual filling is banana, but you can add everything you want like Nutella or fruits, etc.

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