During the first 10 days that we have spent in Ecuador, we tried almost all of the traditional food, as well as many exotic things for us, which are part of the daily menu here. By the way, the uniqueness of Ecuadorian cuisine in its identity. Almost all the gastronomic ideas came to us from ancient times and neither Spanish culture nor globalization influenced it. The last time I brought home so many foods as souvenirs was in Japan.

Fod to try in Ecuador

1. Locro soup

Its name is Locro de papa which translated as Ecuadorian potato soup. The taste is very similar to Russian pea soup, but with a strange addition – the slices of avocado. By the way, in Ecuador, soups are extremely popular, as in Russia, and they mix everything in them. For example, once I ate the soup with shrimps, fish, chicken, and popcorn. Yes, they eat popcorn with soup instead of bread.

2. Rice, beans, and lentils

Those are the most popular side dishes. Or they can be eaten together as the whole meal. Many types of rice are sold in stores. But we didn’t manage to find rice biscuits anywhere.

3. Bananas

Here is the biggest variety of bananas with many-many kinds, and each is designed for a certain type of cooking. Green bananas are called “plátanos”, they taste like potatoes. They can be boiled, fried, baked or dried. And usually, they are served as a side dish to the meal.

4. Chifles

Those are the bananas crisps. They have the same taste as potato crisps, but much more healthy.

5. Patacones

Another banana made meal. Those are banana tortillas or dumplings. And they taste just the same as potato pancakes.

6. Guanabana

In Ecuador, there are many fresh and super tasty exotic fruits. But some fruits were new even for me. Guanabana is one of them. It’s a big fruit that looks like crocodile and tastes like a very sweet apple, but better. I felt addicted to fresh Guanabana juices.

7. Mora fresh juice

Berries of Mora grow in South America in the Andes region. They taste very similar to blackberries and raspberries, but much sweeter. When a waiter brought me Mora fresh juice I couldn’t believe that they didn’t add sugar, as it was so sweet.

moro juice ecuador

8. Horchata de Arroz

It is a sweet drink, that is made from rice, milk powder, vanilla and sometimes with few addition ingredients like almonds or condensed milk.The taste is incredible.

9. Empañadas de platano

Empanada is simply a pie ”with any filling. Empanadas de platano are made from the dough of a sweet plane tree and stuffed with cheese or meat.

10. Ecuadorian cacao

Did you know, that exactly in Ecuador was invented this very drink – Cacao? Yep! In every supermarket, you can find the real cacao beans and 100% cacao powder.

 Not very unique, but in the supermarkets, you can buy many rare items like avocado oil, rice, quinoa, coconut flour, matcha tea, Ecuadorian coffee, organic guacamole, different exotic fruits (maracuja is fantastic) and so on.

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