Torcal de Antequera is a really special place 40 minutes drive from Malaga. It’s a national park with the most spectacular views you can imagine. There on the top you can have a very pleasant and quite easy hike that you can even do with small kids. So this place is definitely the one I would recommend to visit during you vacation on southern coast of Spain. Moreover it won’t take you long.

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Torcal de Antequera is a national park with amazing landscapes. During the Jurassic period, this entire territory was at the bottom of the sea, where limestone deposits formed. Then, as a result of tectonic shifts, mountain ranges were formed. Over millions of years of exposure to wind and rain, the stones of the park have turned into the most incredible figures that we can observe now.

Following this link you may check the official website of the park.

How to get to Torcal de Antequera?

Of course the most convenient way is getting there by car. If you don’t have a car than you need to rent, we always used DoyouSpain company during our trip to Spain. These guys have the cheapest options.

Once getting into the car you just have to tap Torcal de Antequera in your navigator and it will lead you to the parking lot.

The park has 2 parking lots. The top one is only open during certain hours and fills up fairly quickly. Those who park in the lower parking lot will have to walk uphill for 3.7 km or take a special bus for 2 euros. We went up by bus and went down on foot along a special path in the mountains, so we saw even more panoramic views.

If you can’t drive you are very limited in options: so you can either get a bus tour or come here by public transport, however there are no direct buses from Malaga. So you will need to take a bus to Pilar de los Frailes that will take you around 40 mins and then a taxi for 10 minutes.

Torcal de Antequera experience

At the top you have 3 trails to choose from: yellow (3km) and green (1.5km). Both trails are circular and start at the same point.

The trails themselves are quite simple, you can easily walk with a child and a small dog. The main flow of tourists goes along the green path, so we went along the yellow one. Views throughout the route + – the same.

Finally the red route is the longest and most difficult, 4,5 km. taking about three hours, with a viewing point 1.339 m. up where you can see the whole of the El Torcal Park and the Africa Coastline.

If you are hiking with a dog, then look carefully at the sky, eagles are circling there.

After the walk, you can have a bite to eat at a local cafe at the top.

All in all it’s a great idea for a half day trip from Malaga or neighboring towns. I hope you were motivated by my post and will visit this place.

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