Aruba island is also called “One happy island”. For me, Aruba is a special place (read more about it in a separate article) with the best beaches in the world. The beaches of Aruba are all about white sand and crystal blue water like in the popular advertisings. The island’s size is only 20/30km and there are more than 15 beaches. Read about 5 beaches in Aruba which I consider the best ones.

  • The good thing about the beaches in Aruba is that all beaches are public. So you can come to every beach, even the hotels’ beaches, move the sunbed and lie under the hotel umbrella.
  • Another good thing is that it is not allowed to construct any kinds of buildings on the beaches. So all of them are more or less virgin and clean.
  • The bad thing about Aruba’s beaches is that there are no toilets, changing rooms or showers.

1. Manchebo beach

It is a very calm, peaceful and picturesque beach, that is situated between the Eagle and Divi beaches. I love it for the views, palm trees which are very close to the water. Also, there is my favorite lux hotel on the island – Bucuti & Tara Boutique resort.

2. Eagle beach

Eagle beach can be a bit crowded and loud. But still, I love it as it is the longest and widest beach on the island. It is not that touristic as Palm beach (this why I don’t have this beach in my list), but you can meet lots of people here and do some water sports.

Sunset on Eagle beach

3. Moro beach

This is the hardest to reach beach in Aruba. You have to enter the Arikok national park (which you can do only by jeep or 4×4) and drive for 15 minutes along the very bumpy road. But then your efforts will be rewarded as this is one of the most spectacular and empty beaches ever. A big stone splits the beach so the water goes into 2 parts. And you can literally walk between the waves. Totally alone alongside nature.

4. Baby beach

I don’t like this beach, because of too many people. But this is a very unique place, as you can swim together with big turtles. They are totally wild but choose this beach for nesting.

5. Flamingo beach

This beach is not situated on the Aruba island, but on the private island of the Renaissance hotel. To enter the beach you have to be a hotel client or buy a special pass. This is the most instagrammable place of the island because of the flamingos that live there.

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