Nothing motivates and inspire athletes more than good sport movies.

1. “Ford v Ferrari”

Sport: Races

About passion and sacrifices of the athletes, big money of corporations and injustice.

2. “Moneyball”

Sport: American football

Sport is not only about jumping hire and hitting stronger. In fact, this is a clear calculation. Math and statistics can be more important that strength and rapidness.

3. “Upward movement”

Sport: basketball

It’s a Russian historical movie about the performance of the Soviet team at the fateful Olympics in Munich in 1972. 3 seconds can change a lot. 

4. “Goal”

Sport: football

The story about talented emigrant in USA who risks everything and flies to England to try himself as a professional football player.

5. “Campeones”

Sport: basketball

A very heavy and powerful film. A basketball coach sentenced to community service is forced to work with a team of mentally challenged players. The film reminds that sport is first of all not about beauty but about victory over yourself.

6. “Pelé: Birth of a Legend”

Sport: football

Biographical film about the legendary player.

7. “English game”

Sport: football

A short historical series on Netflix about the times when football stopped being the sport of elites and went to the masses.

8. “Stick It”

Sport: Gymnastics

There is a lot of unrealistic moments in this film (I would even call it the parallel world of gymnastics), but it’s interesting to watch.

9. The series “Make It or Break It”

Sport: Gymnastics

American TV series about the life and rivalry of teenage gymnasts.

10. “Battle of the Sexes”

Sport: tennis

The movie tells a story about the formation of WTA tour and the historical fight of 1973 between the sports veteran, Wimbledon champion Bobby Riggs and 29-year-old tennis player, the world N1 – Billie Jean King, who decided to prove that women’s tennis is no worse than men’s …

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