Nowadays investing into the financial market became a trend, so why not to dig a little bit more into this topic?

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1. “Billions”

A series about big money and big problems. 

2. “Money Monster”

The film’s plot revolves around Lee Gates, a renowned TV presenter whose financial advice made him a true Wall Street guru.

3. “The Wizard of Lies“ 

The story of Bernie Madoff, a businessman who built the world’s largest financial pyramid and disguised it as an investment fund.

4. “Becoming Warren Buffett”

It’s a documentary.

5. “Margin Call”

The film takes place within 24 hours of the life of an investment bank that was the first to dare to drain toxic mortgage papers in 2008.

6. “The Big Short“

The history of the 2008 global crisis with all the explanations. Its causes, consequences, and how especially enterprising people were able to make money on it.

7. “The Wolf of Wall Street“

The famous film with DiCaprio. You can watch forever how he sells his first shares.

8. “Wall Street”

A young and ambitious financier meets the financial predator Gordon Gekko, who reveals to him the secrets  – you need to forget about everything except the main law: “Greed is good!”

9. “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps“

Sequel to the Wall Street film.

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