This article is based on my personal experience. For the first time I went abroad at the age of 5 years, and then we had these family trips several times a year. As a child, I visited the singing fountains in Barcelona, ​​the island of Bali, the Alps and many, many more countries. And you know that part of the trips I do not remember at all, part of the trips I remember only superficially. But I still remember the emotions and excitement of some trips. Having gathered all these memories together, I decided to create this list: the best places and destinations to travel with kids.

Haunted Castles Tour in Scotland

Scotland is known for its castles, whose walls have long been overgrown with ancient legends and inhabited by ghosts. The part of these castles also functions as hotels. That is, you come to the castle, you take a mystical tour around the castle, have dinner. And then you spend the night in one of the chambers of the castle. Children will be thrilled. You can find such a tour at the agency or organize by yourself and drive a car from the castle to the castle.

Skiing in Alps

Personally, my memories are related to Austrian resorts. But I heard a lot of good reviews about specifically children skiing in Italy. In Alpine ski resorts, are very popular special children’s ski schools. What it looks like: a group of 5-8 people skis with an experienced instructor. All children are divided by age and level of skiing. The instructor shows them very interesting tracks, with various paths in the forest, feeds lunch in a restaurant on the slope and returns to their parents at the end of the day.

Plus, a lot of cozy childhood emotions remain from living in the mountains. We always lived in comfortable challah, after skiing we went to the pool in the main hotel building and drank herbal tea before bedtime.

Hotels in Turkey

It seems to me that I still remember every kid’s club of Turkish hotels I have visited. Animators and educators took care of us non-stop, and I probably only saw parents at dinner and before bedtime. Now, the children’s entertainment industry has only become better. In their territories, hotels build entire cities with children’s clubs for children of different ages.

And two more advantages. The first – in a Turkish hotel at the buffet it is quite easy to find the food that your child will love. Second – the child will not be able to leave the hotel territory, so it’s safe.

Santa Claus Village in Lapland

I have been there 2 times. And both times for the New Year. Celebrating the New Year holidays in Lapland is the most magical experience that you can give your child. He will sit on Santa’s knees and receive his gift, which he wrote about in a letter a couple of months before the trip. Santa Park, elf sellers, dog, and deer horse riding and a magical New Year’s Eve.

Moomin trolls in Finland

The stories of Tove Jansson are those which you have to read to your kid. And the must-visit places afterward are Moomin trolls museums in Finland. There are several of them. Moomin World in Naantali (near Turku) is a large open-air theme park with various entertainments for children. The Moomin Museum in Tampere is a museum with a fascinating interactive exposition.

Disneyland Paris

In general, any Disneyland is suitable for this item. But since all my friends with children go to Paris, and this is the closest Disneyland to every European country, I will write about Paris. I hope, I don’t need to tell you, why the child will like Disneyland.

Port Aventura World in Barcelona

Another interesting amusement park is situated in Barcelona. Port Aventura is divided into several zones on the subject of parts of the world. In each zone themed shows are constantly held.

In addition, Barcelona has a grand oceanarium and Cosmo Caixa Museum, which will also be very interesting for children.


First, let’s start with the fact that the most interesting way to get to Stockholm is by ship (if possible). Secondly, in Stockholm, there are a lot of children’s museums and entertainment. At the Astrid Lindgren Museum (Unibacken), the full-size Peppi Long Stocking house is built. In the Vasa Museum, you can see the sunken ship. Also worth attention to these museums: The Toy Museum, the Swedish Museum of Natural History, the Gröna Lund amusement park, The National Museum of Science and Technology, and the open-air museum Skansen


The Dutch capital – Copenhagen is the scenery of the tales of Hans Christian Andersen. In Helsingor is situated the Castle of Hamlet. But the best place is, of course, Legoland, which is a 3-hour drive from Copenhagen! If your child is even a little interested in Lego, he will appreciate this park.

Hogwarts in London

The cult place for Harry Potter fans is, of course, Hogwarts, or in other words, the Warner Brothers theme studio, which is located in a suburb of London. There you will see the scenery for the films, enter the Hogwarts dining room, buy yourself a magic wand. In general, it is really very cool place.

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