Every girl will die to visit this museum in Paris. This is the Dior Gallery. A museum where the visitor enters the world of the Dior fashion house. Get ready, it’s amazingly beautiful!

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Dior is the only fashion brand in the world that has its own museum. It is located in the brand’s historic mansion at 11, rue François-Ier. And it is here that the Dior studio is still located on the 4th-5th floors.

Even I, a person far from fashion, was under a huge visual impression. The visitor finds himself at a fashion show, simultaneously studying the history of the brand and admiring its treasures.

At the entrance, you are greeted by a staircase with models of Dior dresses and accessories.

It all starts with the story of Dior himself. In the first room you may see the documents and learn the biography of the legendary designer.

Next, visitors enter the mysterious garden, where dresses in the style of flowers are displayed in floral decorations. As it turned out, Dior was initially inspired by the flowers in the garden of his parents’ house.

The whole museum is divided into 12 rooms. Each room reveals a different theme, from the flower garden to travel the world topic and Parisian nightlife. Moreover in each room there are dresses made both from Dior himself and his followers in the brand.

In one of the rooms, next to the dress, there is a screen showing how the designer creates this dress.

And in another room, there are patterns of legendary dresses.

Special attention is paid to the stories of Dior accessories and fragrances. For example, this dress is from the room dedicated to J’adore.

As well they showed the influence of Dior on the world of show business. For example, in one of the rooms all the magazine covers are collected, where the model is wearing a Dior suit. And in another room, outfits created for films are presented, and next to it there is a screen where episodes with these outfits are played.

The museum also restored Christian Dior’s historic study and atelier.

But most of all I was amazed by the room – defile. On the three floors of the podium, various dresses are exhibited and the background changes from sky blue to gold accompanying by the music. With each new background, the colors of the dresses play in a new way.

In general, the visual part of the museum is simply amazing. It is very beautiful and refined. I walked around in jeans and sneakers, and somewhere in the middle of the exhibition, I passionately wanted to change into something more elegant.

However, I missed the informative part. At some point, I got tired of reading all the signs all the time. Some sort of audio guide would be great.

The visit to the gallery took me 1.5 hours.
The ticket cost only 12 euros. But I bought it in a week on the official website, and there were not so many slots left.

I highly recommend visiting here!

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