Venice is an iconic city, included in all kinds of tops and must-visit programs. That means crowds of tourists, overpriced, unfriendly sellers, pickpockets and beggars. On the other hand – water, buildings with old facades, antique sculptures, green tree branches, checkered tablecloths in restaurants and the smell of delicious food. I had to come to Venice 2nd time to finally understand its advantages, which now I am sharing with you!

Best time to go to Venice.

Remember, the beginning of May, Monday morning! This is exactly the day when you need to go to Venice. The weather is already excellent, there are not many tourists, many museums are closed on Monday, so there are almost no tourist groups!

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Films and books about Venice.

I would recommend you to watch a few of them to get the proper atmosphere.

  • The film “Tourist”. Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, long dresses, mafia, boat.
  • The series “Rome” – there you will see the scenery of Italy and those very wealthy mansions and their non-official look.
  • The series “Marco Polo” The beginning of the first series. – Venice of the 13th century.
  • Dan Brown’s novel “Inferno” and a film adaptation. – Historical puzzles, adventures. After that, you walk around the city, and each hatch seems to be a door to the treasury.

What to do in Venice?

I, have told you already that on Mondays many museums are closed. However, the best of the city is not the inside of the museum. Quite opposite. It’s outside!

  • Take a ride on the Vaporetto. This is public transport – water trams are the cheapest way to see the city from the water. Minus – crowds, tourists. But if you arrive early in the morning, you are can sit like on a personal boat!
  • Look at both angles. We did this: from the railway station to the San Marco pre-area, we arrived at Vaporetto. There they hanged with pigeons, making photos. And we went back on foot through the narrow streets through squares and courtyards. First, you see the front facades, green gardens, mini-marinas, imagine how rich dodges went down the stairs and got into their personal boats. Then you look at the endless inhospitable fences with doors for the servants of those very wealthy mansions on the water.
  • Have lunch at a restaurant in one of the courtyards, on the way back. Choose one with few tables, trees grow nearby, and local boys play soccer. It is much more romantic and cheaper than advertised pranzo in a restaurant on the water. Before ordering, ask about a “caperto” (the fee you need to pay in addition to the food and tips. Shouldn’t be more than 2 euro per person).
  • Buy a Murano glass souvenir.
  • Listen to the gondoliers sing. You do not need to take a gondola for this. Venice is full of tourists who will do it for you. So these gondolas pass through small channels on your return foot journey. Stop on the bridge and wait.

Don’t do it in Venice!

  • Take a walk in the evenings and at night! In the dark, the city turns from the pearl of Europe into the place of action of Hugo’s tales: huge rats, stench, beggars.
  • Buy ice cream. Unlike other cities in Italy, ice cream cannot be tasted in Venice. Well, the portions are much smaller.
  • Coffee on San Marco. Seriously? Don’t drink, and don’t go to cafes at all – it’s not at all romantic and very expensive.
  • Overnight in Venice on my first trip was a real nightmare. Firstly, hotels in the old city are more expensive than in other cities in Italy for the same segment. For a designer hotel with breakfast on the terrace, you will have to roll a rather big amount, and simple hotels are far from a symbol of comfort and romance. You can, of course, stay in a hotel outside the old city, but I have a different idea for you!

However, you can still try your luck and find a good hotel HERE.

Romantic weekend in Italy.

Finish exploring Venice before sunset and take a one hour train Venice – Verona.

In Verona book a room at Hotel Milano, the very cute designer boutique hotel with Colosseum view, have breakfast on the terrace and enjoy rooftop jacuzzi for 100 euros per night. If this is expensive, then in Verona there are other hotels and hostels with Love-story style rooms.

Watch “Romeo and Juliet” before going to bed, walk around the city, write a letter to Juliet, take a picture on the famous balcony, try chocolate-covered strawberries in any coffee shop in the city. And then head to Garda lake!

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