Tourists from all over the world come to Rome for history, romance, magic, italian food, restaurants overlooking the Colosseum and … what else Hollywood movies promise? And upon arriving, they find themselves at the Roma Termini Central Station, filled with homeless people, in endless queues and crowded terraces of restaurants next to the road.

In order not to run into such a grandiose difference between expectations and reality, you need to decide why you want to go to Rome. You need to go here for history. There are few places where you can see well-preserved ruins or even buildings of a thousand years ago. I have never found Rome beautiful, but thanks to the pomp of the architecture, it will always be a unique city.

Stylishly dressed Italians look especially organically against the background of this architecture: suits, kerchiefs, scarfs.

And of course you need to come here to eat. Maybe not in the restaurant overlooking the Colosseum (damn expensive), but so as to get a thrill from every slice of pizza and a spoonful of gelatto chocolato. I can’t understand how Italians eat a full plate of pasta for the first meal and then order a second course. I personally, having eaten a portion of bolognese, feel like a torn mozzarella ball.

Where to eat cheap and tasty in Rome?

That’s the the location where you can eat tasty and cheap! Restaurant Carlo Menta. Address: Via Lungaretta 101. It is the place with classical checkered tablecloths and small tables on a cramped Italian terrace in the authentic Trastevere district. They serve a stunning lasagne.

And what about prices? Pasta – 5 euros. Pizza – 3 euros. The liter of homemade wine – 4 euros.

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Best places to visit in Rome in 1 day:

This is in case if you are in Rome for a few hours during the layover. Or you are relaxing on the coast near Rome, for example, in Terracina.

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Nearby the train station Roma Termini there is a stop for the Hop-on-Hop-off sightseeing bus. This is the best form of transport that will take you around all the attractions. You get off at the stop you want, walk around, and then get on the bus and go on to the next place. The daily pass costs 27 euros. Another option is to rent a scooter and also move from point to point, drop the scooter, walk, then take the scooter again and continue on.

If you are in Rome for just one day, then just walk around the city, and don‘t waste time Nd energy on museums and queues.

Must-visit places in Rome.

  • Colosseum;
  • Roman Forum;
  • Piazza Venezia;
  • Pantheon;
  • Fontana di Trevi;
  • Piazza di Navona;
  • Piazza di Spagna.

I also like to buy food, come in the evening on the steps of Roman Forum and enjoy te city under the night lights.

Best places to visit in Rome in 2 days?

The second day in Rome I advise you to spend in Vatican.

The Vatican Museums is a very interesting and very difficult walking tour.

To prepare to the tour you may do your homework and read about the formation of religion in the Roman Empire, the formation of Catholicism in the world, and so on.

The Pope has been being a most powerful man in the whole catholic world for about 2000 years. Crowning a kingdom in the Roman, Frankish, Holy Roman empires, crusades, conquistadors … It’s the main person in phenomenon of uniting Italian, Brazilians, French etc. It’s cool to come to Vatican understanding its significance for the entire Catholic world.

There are a few films and series you may watch: “The young Pope”, “We have a Pope”, “The two Popes”, “Angels&Demons”.

In the Vatican, especially in the summer, a huge queue gathers. Therefore, be sure to buy a guided tour online in advance.

Best places to visit in Rome in 3 days

On the third day, take an excursion to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Again, buy your tour in advance and online to avoid crowds. By the way, the Colosseum has an option for night or evening excursions.

Before coming here, I advise you to watch the series “Rome” to immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

Колизей Рим

The list of good movies about Rome:

Click on the name of the film to watch the trailer.

  • Eat, pray, love”. The film is based on the book of the American author Elizabeth Gilbert. In the movie and in the book there is a lot of Rome atmosphere, interesting thoughts and Italian food.
  • To Rome with Love“. A funny Woody Allen film with the atmosphere of modern Rome.
  • The series “Rome“. You will go back through history and see the city during the time of the ancient Roman empire. It’s cool to watch it just before or after visiting Rome and its famous ruins.
  • Roman holiday”. Classical.

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