Racism is a cancerous tumor in our modern society. While it is quite successfully treated and irradiated in some countries, the inhabitants of others live according to the established foundations of the Middle Ages, which, by the way, gives rise to other forms of discrimination. After the events in the United States, the topic of racism flared up with even greater urgency.

At the same time, many people, especially those living in countries with a small number of emigrants, have never faced the manifestation of racism and even deny its existence. This knowledge gap is urgently needed. A good movie – is one of the educational forms.

1.“Long Walk to Freedom”.

Biographical film of the leader of the black movement in South Africa – Nelson Mandela. The story of racial discrimination in South Africa in the last 30 years of the 20th century.

For me, South Africa is one of the most interesting countries in terms of tourism and nature. I highly recommend reading the article: The full guide around South Africa with top-8 must-visit places.

2. “The green mile”

The mystical drama based on the novel by Stephen King is also directly related to the real story. Or even stories when black people were charged with serious crimes only because of their skin color, and contrary to all the rules of logic and common sense.

3. “Marshall”

An American biopic about Tergood Marshall, the first African American in the US Supreme Court. At the start of his career, he leads a controversial case about a black driver accused of sexual assault by his wealthy employer.

4. “Hidden figures”

The film focuses on a team of African-American women – maths geniuses working at NASA. Even in spite of their outstanding abilities, they face discrimination in the form of color toilets, the impossibility of promotion (since the professional courses are exclusively for white people), and so on.

5. “12 years a slave”

Solomon Northup lived the life of a free man in New York State. He had a good education and a beloved wife. Once, responding to a job offer from Washington, he was abducted and turned into a slave.

6. “The Help”

A very cozy film about the South of America in the 1960s with beautiful dresses and delicious food. The plot of the film is built on the relationship between young rich white American women and mature colored maids. The film is watched in one breath, but nevertheless affects immediately 3 levels of discrimination:

  • gender discrimination. The main hero is an example of an emancipated woman who no one in the district understands;
  • public discrimination towards one of the heroines;
  • racial discrimination against “colored” maids.

7. “Just Mercy”

This is the real story of lawyer Brian Stevenson. After graduating from Harvard, he rejected a perspective career in New York and devoted himself to the struggle for equal rights and opportunities in court for the most vulnerable segments of the community. There are a lot of unfair accusations and sad judicial stories in the film. People were charged with a crime simply for their color.

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