Reunion island is a pearl of the Indian ocean. Being one of the most beautiful islands I have ever visited it remains hidden from the big touristic flows. While most of the tourists go to the neighborhood island Mauritius and enjoy the vacation infrastructure Reunion island’ locals have the whole island with its’ mountains. volcanos and beaches to themself. I already have written a big article with the list of top things to do on Reunion island. So if you really need to know what to see on Reunion island or what to do on Reunion island or even some interesting notes about Reunion island, just click this link.

In this article, we will discuss the logistical questions. And first of all I will answer on the main question:

Why there are no tourists on Reunion island?

Well, of course, there are some, but not a lot. And almost everyone is french.

  1. It is hard to get to Reunion Island. I will write the options later, but there are not many and most of them are expensive.
  2. Prices. The island is one of the most expensive places I have ever been to. Just to order pasta you have to pay around 22 euros. Same with allocation prices. (In my previous article I explained how to avoid the high prices).
  3. The visa. Reunion island is a special zone in France. So many people required to get a special visa for the island. Check here if you need a visa to Reunion island.
  4. Sharks! This is the biggest problem. There are almost no safe places to swim around the island. And literally sharks of Reunion literally surround the island, they even swim into the rivers. So if you are a swimming lover and can’t avoid the idea of spend vacation without bathing in the ocean, just quit the idea of Reunion island.

How to get to Reunion Island?

1. Fly from Mauritius island

It takes only 45 minutes to fly from one island to another. So the best option will be to divide the vacation into 2 parts and visit both islands. On Reunion, you will have all the inhabitance of the island with french civilization. On Mauritius, you can enjoy the beaches and great service. The one-way ticket from Mauritius island to Reunion island cost appr 80 euros.

2. Take the Indian Ocean cruise

This way you will be able to visit Reunion island together with Madagascar, Seychelles, Mauritius etc in one trip and in a cheap way. However, you won’t have enough time to really enjoy the island.

3. Try to find cheap flights to Reunion island

The best way is to fly through Paris. One-way direct tickets’ prices start with 150 euro, which is not a lot for a 12 hours flight.

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