Almost everyone saw these colorful photos on Instagram when girls in bikini posing on the beach among the pink flamingos. This is a famous Flamingo beach in Aruba. For the many Aruba tourists to have a photo with pink flamingo is kind of a dream experience. But let’s face the truth. First of all, it is not that easy to get to Flamingo beach. And, secondly, Flamingo beach is not in Aruba.

Flamingo Beach in Aruba

Flamingo beach is a private island of the Renaissance hotel. This island has 2 beaches: Flamingo beach on the right when you get off the boat and Iguana beach on the left. Most of the people come to the island to take a photo with flamingos. However, the island itself is a very nice place for a relaxed day. The beaches are small and charming, there are, sunbeds, umbrellas, a mangrove forest, and a beach bar. This place is one of those where you can feel yourself a royal on a private beach, especially if there are fewer people on the island.

How to get to Flamingo beach?

As we figured out, Flamingo beach is situated on the island. The only way to get to it is a special Renaissance hotel boat. The leaves every 15 minutes from the hotel lobby.

Basically, if you are not an important person. Or if you don’t have friends in Aruba, there are only 2 ways:

1. Stay in the Renaissance hotel

Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino is the most famous hotel in Aruba. It is located in the center of the Oranjestad and has 2 buildings. One is just in front of the harbor in the main spot of the city center, has a casino and a terrace swimming pool. And another in the lagoon has its’ own territory with a piece of the sea. Each building of the hotel has all the great facilities, that hotels can have, plus a private island with flamingos.

All the hotel guests can enter to the Flamingo beach for free. One night in the hotel will cost you around 300$ for the double room.

2. Day Pass for the Renaissance Island

If you don’t want or can’t afford to stay at the hotel, you can buy a day pass only for the Flamingo island. The day pass price is 125$ per person. It includes lunch and a drink. And you can only buy a pass for the following day as the hotel controls the number of guests entering the island. So if the hotel is 80% booked there won’t be any passes sold this day. You can purchase a day-pass at the hotel reception or online.

Renaissance private Island opening hours

The islands’ opening hours start from 7 am to 6 pm. But also you are able to book a romantic dinner on the island, that starts at 7 pm.

how to get to flamingo beach aruba

And the final question: does it really worth it?

Well, I have been to this island and it was an amazing experience. As you feel yourself a VIP person being on the private island surrounded by blue water and pink flamingos. 125$ is not a little amount of money. Especially, if you have to pay for two, But, let’s be serious, Aruba is an expensive place. So I think the day on the beautiful island with a beach lunch worths this money. Especially if other activities in Aruba you can have for free.

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