Montanita or Montañita (Spanish version) doesn’t look like any place in Ecuador. It is like you entered the special portal and found yourself in Bali, Goa or Thailand. You are surrounded by surfers and hippies and the strong smell of herbs is always in the air. Montanita is an absolutely special place with its own vibes and atmosphere. Super relaxed and definitely must-visit place in Ecuador.

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How to get to Montañita?

Montañita is located on the peninsula of Santa Elena, 180 km from Guayaquil. So to get to Montañita from Guayaquil you can either go by car or by public bus. The trip will take you 3 hours one way. The ticket price is 6 dollars per person.

The beach of Montanita

I want to write separately about the Montanita beach as it is one of the best beaches I have seen in the world. Especially imagine myself spending the week in the city of Guayaquil without any possibility to swim and here it is wide and infinity beach of Montañita with warm water of the Pacific ocean and soft sand. First hour there we spent jumping into waves. Then – witnessing an amazing sunset. The water is warm. The sand is soft. The waves are extremely beautiful.

Best things to do in Montañita


This place was founded by surfers that spent all their days long in water and lived in plain houses nearby. Now the city of Montanita converted into a stylish village (not clean though) with cool hotels, but the one thing didn’t change – the waves. They are great! So this is one of the best sport to learn surfing. If you are a beginner – don’t worry, as there are few surf schools.

2. Learning Spanish

Let’s be honest. Montanita – is not a place where you will mean to go to study Spanish. But as you’re already here for some time (maybe for surfing), why not to learn Spanish? So, there is a language school – Montañita Spanish School. In this school, they have programs: Spanish + Yoga or Spanish + Surfing, etc.

3. Shopping

In Montañita you can buy super cool souvenirs starting from the hippie and surf clothes and accessories, finishing with a great variety of memory items.

4. Nightlife

When the sun disappears, the music is getting louder and the smell of herbs stronger. There are a few bars in Montanita fool of surfers and these free relaxed people and a great atmosphere.

Hotels and restaurants in Montanita

This is the best part. Both food and hospitality are very cheap. Only for 12 dollars, you can rent a normal hotel room with a private bathroom.

The hotel I recommend you is Selina MontañitaIt is situated on the beach has its own swimming pool, very nice rooms and costs only 26 dollars for a double room with breakfast included.

Book here.

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Playa Los Frailes

This is another beach that is situated 60 km from Montañita (north direction). This beach is considered the best beach in Ecuador.

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