Most tourists in Portugal are keen to get to Cabo da Roca. But the views that you will see there are nothing compared to the views from this trail just 500 meters from Cabo da Roca.

I learned about this hike by chance from travel blogs, it is not very popular and is not safe in all places. But what can I say for sure, it was one of the most beautiful hike routes I have done.

Imagine you are walking on a cliff with unrealistic views of mountains, beaches and the ocean. Giant waves crash against rocks, sea foam flies in the air, the sun sets over the horizon.

Brief information:

  • Duration. With all the stops in the photo, it took us exactly 2 hours to complete the trail;
  • Difficulty: moderate. In the middle of the trail there is a rather sharp and difficult descent. If not for it, then I would have classified the hike as easy;
  • Distance: approximately 4.5 km.
  • Start: Praia da Adraga.
  • Finish: Cabo da Roca.

We walked this trail in the direction from Praia da Adraga to Cabo da Roca. But it can be walked in the opposite direction. It all depends on whether you want to have a meal in a seafood restaurant before or after your hike.

How to get to Cabo da Roca?

  • The easiest way is by taxi. Bolt and Uber work great in Portugal. The trip from Cascais to Cabo da Roca cost us 10 euros.
  • Bus 403 from Cascais. The stop is located near the station. The journey will take about 20 minutes. The ticket costs 4 euros. There is a direct train from Lisbon to Cascais. The ticket will cost 2.5 euros.
  • Bus 403 from Sintra. If the letter “A” is marked on the route number, then the bus will not enter Cabo da Roca.

How to get to Praia da Adraga?

Public transport stops are far enough away, so a taxi is the best way. An Uber from Cascais cost about 12 euros. The way is 25-30 minutes driving.

Restaurante da Adraga

There is a great restaurant right on the Praia da Adraga with delicious seafood and ocean views. I highly recommend to have a lunch here before starting the trail. Well, or dinner after. It is better to book tables in advance.

Follow the link for the restaurant website.

Hiking Praia da Adraga – Cabo da Roca

We took this hike from Praia da Adraga towards Cabo da Roca, but you can do exactly the opposite.

So, firstly get to Praia da Adraga and be sure to take a walk along the beach. It’s incredibly beautiful there, especially at sunset.

Tip: The best is to do this hike in the afternoon so that the end point of the route coincides with the start of sunset. Sunset in these places is very beautiful.

The trail starts 300 meters from the Praia da Adraga. Go to the opposite side of the beach. You will pass the parking lot on the right, after which there will be a right turn onto a gravel road. You go there.

The road is rather gentle and goes uphill. In 10 minutes you will find yourself at a fork. The trail to the right leads to the observation deck above the Praia da Adraga, from which you can also get off to our trail. However there is a sharp rise along a barely visible path through the thickets. Therefore, we turned left and continued along a convenient road.

Literally another 5-10 minutes of climbing the mountain, and you are at the top, from where stunning views of the ocean immediately open.

Further the trail goes along the ocean. Follow left towards Cabo da Roca. This is where the beauty itself begins. Views of huge waves crashing against the cliffs that cut the coastline. Inaccessible beaches and mountain vegetation. Full delight.

You will pass the Praia Caneiro, hidden in the rocks. It is impossible to go down there. Then a small descent from the mountain and then an ascent awaits you. Be careful, the road can be quite slippery.

Further, the trail again goes to the plateau along the ocean until you reach Praia Ursa. This is perhaps the most beautiful beach in Portugal. The view is amazing.

Here begins the most difficult part of the path – descent from the mountain along a narrow, slippery and barely noticeable path.

Efforts will be rewarded with the most beautiful views of Praia Ursa imaginable. I don’t have enough words to describe all the emotions I had.

Then there is the most interesting part – slide off the cliff, and you will find yourself on the legendary Praia Ursa.

Praia Ursa is a stunningly beautiful place. There are several beautiful coves and caves on the beach. Here you can spend half a day, have a picnic. By the way, a lot of people come here. They park their car on the side of the road near Cabo da Roca, and follow the path to the beach.

The last part of the journey is an uphill trail from Praia Ursa to Cabo da Roca. The trail starts in the middle of the beach.

Somewhere in the middle of the ascent, you will stumble upon a fork. Follow the path to the right so that you climb back up the cliff overlooking the beach. Another trail will lead you to a nearby mountain.

At the end of the route uphill, you will witness another stunning view of Praia Ursa.

From this point, continue along the Trail. In a couple of minutes you will enter the track, and in another 5 minutes you will find yourself at Cabo da Roca.

I hope you will enjoy this hike and find my article simple and straightforward. Don’t hesitate to write me on instagram to comment this.

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