There are a lot of articles with various selections of the must-visit places in Lisbon, so I decided not to compete with the experts of this city and just publish a list of places which I really enjoyed. These are the atmospheric streets, nice cafes, and spectacular view points.

And in the following article, you may find my selections of best cafes and restaurants in Lisbon, which I have collected during my several trips there.

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1. Viewpoint Largo Portas do Sol

From Portuguese, the name of the square is translated as “Gate of the Sun”. During the Middle Ages, the site of the observation deck was the gate of the fortress wall. The entrance was facing east, from where the sun rises.

Everything about this lookout is great. Firstly, the view of the Alfama region and the Tagus River. Secondly, there is a stop of Tram N 28 here. And thirdly, a cafe with a terrace. There you can have a coffee break with a beautiful view, ordering delicious croissants and wine from the kiosk.

2. Vans with pineapples on the Tagus embankment

In fact, there are shops like this all over the city. These are very cool and loud spots. Here they serve cocktails are inside of the pineapples.

3. Commercial area

One of the largest and most beautiful squares in Europe. Well, what other palace square have such a view?

During the Portuguese Empire, the square was of great importance for the aristocracy of the city. Official crowned delegations of other countries were met at its pier, caravels carrying all kinds of riches of the East: Chinese silk, spices, sugar, moored.

But it all ended in 1755, when on the same day an earthquake, tsunami and fires hit Lisbon, destroying the city.

The Marquis of Pombal, the minister of King Don Jose I, took up its restoration. According to his plan, the square and the entire Baixa district were rebuilt according to a single project. Merchants, financiers and the bourgeoisie were given more privileges, as those who will save the kingdom in the future.

So “Palace Square” was renamed “Commerce Square”.

4. Alfama area

Alfama is the oldest and most colorful district of Lisbon.
This is an authentic labyrinth of narrow streets, old houses and cozy courtyards. Street musicians play on the streets, and the balconies are “decorated with threads of washed clothes.

Historically, the Alfama area was located outside the fortress wall. With the development of the city, the area received the status of a beggarly area, where sailors and dock workers lived. Today, everything has changed, and Alfama has become a fashionable and touristic area, while retaining its unique look.

5. Jardim Julio de Castilho

One of the most popular places in Lisbon. This observation deck is located close to the church of Santa Lucia. The garden is named after the Portuguese writer Julio de Castillo. It offers a very beautiful view of Alfama and the Tagus River. The atmosphere of the place is even better with artists and street musicians.

6. Pastelaria Santo Antonio

In this cafe we ​​ate the most delicious pasteles de nata in Lisbon.

Address: R. do Milagre de Santo Antonio N.10

Follow THIS LINK for the restaurant website.

7. Observation deck at the Lift Castelo

This observation deck is a couple of minutes walk from the pastelaria. So take pastel de nata with coffee to go and enjoy them along with this view.

8. Observation deck from Elevador de Santa Justa

Despite the fact that elevators are quite a common form of public transport in Lisbon (the city has a rather hilly landscape), it is the Santa Justa elevator that is the most popular attraction in the city. The elevator was built on July 10, 1902. At the beginning of the century, the monument was considered the pinnacle of engineering thought of that time. By the way, for some reason, many associate this elevator with Gustave Eiffel, but he had nothing to do with the construction. The author of the design is a Portuguese engineer Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard.

Now attention! You do not need to go up on this elevator. Firstly, it’s paid entertainment. Secondly, you have to stand in line. Instead, go to Rua do Carmo. There is a free modern city lift that takes you up to the middle of the hill. It is located in an inconspicuous souvenir shop right under the construction of the Santa Justa elevator.

At the top you will find cool views and atmospheric cafes with terraces.

9. Time Out Market

Atmospheric gastro market. Great place for lunch after walking around the city. You can come here with a big group. Everyone can order food in the restaurant they wish, and you will all sit down together. You won’t find the fast food here. Most of the counters offer seafood. You can try cuttlefish, oysters. But if it’s too much there is also a simple poke with salmon.

By the way, cash is not accepted here!

Address: Av. 24 de Julho 49

Follow THIS LINK for the restaurant website.

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