Island of Terceira is quite away from the main tourist routes of Azores, there are not so many attractions as, for example, on San Miguel. But that is why it is quite interesting to come here because of this island’s identity.

Terceira is kind of a small Portuguese village, that is looking just as at the beginning of the 20th century with small stone houses, narrow streets, the practical absence of the attributes of modernity, and surrounded by the ocean.

There are no fashionable coffee shops with smoothy bowl or shopping centers. In the center of the city can be seen freely walking roosters, and outside the city dozens of cows. In Russia, I would call it camp site, but on Azores – ethnographic exotic.

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Interesting things about Terceira Island

  • The very name of the island means that it has become the third in the account among the open islands of the archipelago, although its first name was the island of Jesus Christ;
  • Get ready for the fact that you will be surrounded by the fog and dampness. Humidity there is very strong;
  • Do not expect dinners in fashionable cafes and modern meals. They are not served on the island. But get ready to eat a lot of meat. The steaks on the Terceira are served in any eatery;
  • Everything is always closed. We were constantly tormented by the fact that could not find open restaurants to eat. Here all the establishments work according to some special schedule.
  • The weather on the island is changing with stalking speed. If you go by car from one end to another, you can notice with surprise, as literally in 10 seconds, the black cloud changed with the bright sun;
  • Wind. Wherever you are you can not hide from the wind.

Best places to visit on Terceira Island?

1. Volcano – Algar do Carvão

This is the main attraction of the island. The uniqueness of the volcano is that erupting for the second time, the lava flow did not destroy the original crater. There are only 3 such volcanoes in the world, and this is the only one accessible to people.

Despite the fact that this is a natural landmark, you can get inside the volcano only during opening hours. They change depending on the season, all the detailed information is available at THIS LINK.

You have to pay 8 euros to enter, or 12 euros if you also want to visit the lava caves (next point). Visiting time is about 20 minutes.

2. Gruta do Natal

These are lava caves that were formed after the volcanic eruption. If you have never been in similar caves (they can be found on almost every volcanic island), I advise you to get inside. You literally walk along the tunnels of the lava. Visiting time is about 15 minutes.

3. Quinta do Martelo

I have already said that on Terceira you will eat awesome meat, but if you want to have the best food experience on the island, then be sure to come here for dinner. Quinta Do Martelo is an ethnographic museum a 10-minute drive from Angra Do Heroismo. Vintage buildings, household items are recreated on the territory. And in one of the houses there is a traditional restaurant.

Here you have to try the traditional stewed meat. You suppose to eat it without a side dish, but with a bread. And it is extremely delicious.

The working time of the restaurant, like everything on the island, is rather uncomfortable. Until 14:00, you can come for lunch, then the restaurant closes and opens only by 6 pm for dinner.

Follow this link to visit the website of the museum and restaurant.

4. Angra do Heroismo

We traveled around all the cities of the island, and this was the most beautiful, so I advise you to book the hotel here. We spent the night in a 5-star hotel with a delightful view of the ocean – Barceló Marina Hotel.

By the way, from the port you can take an excursion boats to go in search of whales.

5. Running of the bulls

It is impossible not to mention the local traditional activity. Every Saturday on the streets of the town of Sao Mateo the let run a bull and arrange a show with him. It lasts about 30 minutes. For me, this is a terrible thing, but it’s popular not only among the tourists, but also local residents.

6. Miradouro da Serra do Cume

The most recognizable view point on the island with a very beautiful view of the famous Azores green meadows. But very often it’s hidden under the fog. This is how the observation desk should look.

And this is how it looks like most of the time.

7. Miradouro da Ponta do Queimado

One of the viewing sites on the ocean. It is less interesting than the next one, but if you drive by, you can stop here.

8. Miradouro da Alagoa da Fajãzinha

The photo is completely can not pass the beauty of this place: the rocks, the raging ocean.

9. Cows

If you have visite Azores islands and did not take photos with green meadows and cows – it is not counted. Driving across the Terceira you will see cows so often that it will really seem that you are in the village.

Food you have to try on Azores:

Stewed meat. The meat here is extremely delicious. And if the steaks can be tried in Brazil and South Africa, then stewed meat is a local must-try of Azores. Attention, it’s quite salty and has a lot of garlic.

Donas Amelia. Dessert is named after Queen Amelia, which visited the island in 1901. Recipe contains cane honey, cinnamon and raisins. It can be found in all coffee shops and supermarkets.

Exotic fruits. As in Madeira, on Azores you can enjoy Papaya, Passion fruit and pineapple.

Which island of Azores you have to visit?

f you are on Terceira, then most likely this is part of your grandiose trip around Azores, and you have already been to the most popular directions. Well, in my wish-list is the island of San Miguel. Well, of course, be sure to ever visit Madeira.

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