Where to eat in Buenos Aires isn’t really a tough question. The city has a huge variety of restaurants, stylish bars and outdoor cafes to suit every taste and budget.

And what is the coolest part, you may eat delicious steaks both in the elite restaurant and in the bistro near the house. And it will cost equally inexpensively. We paid only $8 for a juicy steak!

So there are dozens of good places where you can try a juicy steak or rich coffee, but I especially recommend these 4 restaurants.

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1. Villegas Resto

Luxurious steakhouse in the Porto Madero area of Buenos Aires. Delicious mashed steaks and other local specialties are prepared here. By the way, despite the popularity of the establishment, the price tags are quite adequate by European standards.

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2. La Guitarrita

If you look for a best pizza place in Buenos-Aires, than you need to visit La Guitarrita. They cook the best pizza in town, as locals claim. In addition to pizza you can try different species of empanadas.

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3. Tiendas Naturales

If you are bored with local cuisine and want to eat something healthy, then you should visit Tiendas NAturales. This is a chain of healthy food cafes. It serves a variety of trendy healthy dishes such as smoothie bowls, pokes with fresh salmon and quinoa and avocado toastes.

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4. Havanna cafe

Havanna is the brand that makes the tastiest alfajores in the world. And Havanna cafe is a chain of coffee shops where the sell these alfajores and cook a delicious coffee. So visit their website, choose the nearest cafe and try different types of alfajor.

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